Team LIFE Camp

Join us at Team LIFE Campwhere you will meet like-minded people, and become savvy on Pro-Life issues!

Team LIFE Camp April 2019
Camp Chrysalis in Kerrville, TX
Friday, April 12 – Sunday, April 14



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How fun will spending a weekend learning about Pro-Life issues be?  Think swimming, games, sports, a campfire; S’mores and Oreos; movies (Pro-Life of course!) and popcorn.  This is all to prevent your brains from exploding with information on how abortion was legalized, what Planned Parenthood really does, who founded the world’s largest abortion business, and what real options are available to women.

Individual Rate: $150
Sibling Rate: $100 (per subsequent sibling)

Here’s what past campers had to say about Team LIFE:

 “It’s so amazing to be around people with the same goal in mind. I feel like maybe America has a chance!” – Shelby W.

“I am more excited to be openly Pro-Life. At first, I struggled with my image, but that isn’t important.” – Daniel R.

“I enjoyed discussion time, because different people have views that I had never thought about.” – Samantha S.

“My favorite part was being able to not only learn about the topics, but to practice talking about them!” – Rhema G.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about this camp, because I am in awe of how amazing it is! Don’t change!” – Caitlyn W.

The biggest problem campers had?  The weekend wasn’t long enough!