Writing exercise instructions



Before you begin:

a. News is information that is a departure from the norm.
b. [B]Open source[/B]: Information that is open source is news that is already published. CNN, ABC, blogs, forums, etc…
c. [B]Closed source[/B]: Information that is closed source is not published or widely published. It could be information that you deduced, overheard, or experienced.

1) Search and collect three news items related in any way you see fit to the Pro-Life movement. Use open and closed sources.

2) Write a headline and a description of the items you discover for your consumers. In this exercise your consumers are Elizabeth and Jim Graham, so write as if they were hearing about the information you discovered for the first time. Anticipate their questions and include the answers in your description.

3) Use the categories below for ideas on where to start (or create your own). It's important that you research information that interests [B]you[/B].

— Biosciences
— Legal Ethics
— State Government (executive, legislative, judicial branches)
— National Government (executive, legislative, judicial branches)
— International
— Culture (movies, art, books)
— Opposition Research (NARAL, Planned Parenthood)
— Candidate Research

4) Browse the internet searching for news or go to your closed sources!

5) Post your article by [URL=”../..//tagging.asp?action=add&g=1&recid=1″]creating a new topic in this group[/URL] (register first).

[B]Note[/B]: Write your article in a word processor on your own computer or use Google Docs. Then paste it into the [URL=”../..//tagging.asp?action=add&g=1&recid=1″]input form[/URL]. This will make sure your text is always saved in case the form does not accept your data.

6) Questions? Register and login and post them below.


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