What to do with all the bodies: A problem for Nazis… and abortionists


We are all one incineration company away from being closed.

This is Michigan abortionist Renee Chelian’s ominous warning to countless fellow abortionists at the National Abortion Federation conference where citizen journalists from the Center for Medical Progress recorded undercover video footage.  Indeed, the problem of what to do with all the bodies – the bodies of preborn children killed in abortions every day in America – is not going away. 

Abortionists frequently find themselves at a paradoxical crossroads: they are allowed to kill preborn children who are utterly devoid of government protection during their lives, but in death, laws often demand a certain level of regard be shown for their remains.  In other words, abortionists cannot just toss their victims’ bodies in the garbage can (although they have done this), and they have difficulty finding companies who will carry away the bodies for disposal as if they were regular medical pathological waste.  Listen to Chelian, below, as she divulges her body-surplus woes to a sympathetic audience of abortion workers.

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa and Kristen Walker Hatten of New Wave Feminists delineated the self-evident similarity between Chelian’s plight and that of the architects of the Final Solution in their own video, below.  The following video uses Chelian’s own words from the above talk – verbatim.

While the abortion industry continues to fret over what to do with their victims’ bodies postmortem – whether that involves cremating, shoving down a garbage disposal, or dissecting for scientific “research” – we’ll continue to mourn their deaths and fight for the restoration of their Right to Life.


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