Welcome to the Resistance

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I am a runaway slave.  I have left the establishment plantation.

I am a Christian Catholic.  Because my God is the way, the Truth, and the LIFE, I vote for candidates who worship God and who stand for Truth and LIFE.  While no Pro-Life Democrat has been on my Houston ballot for years, the men and women I support earn my time, money, and vote because of what they believe, say, and do, not because they opportunistically place an “R” after their names.

If you want John Denver lyrics, a Kumbaya, or tips on Rodney King’s plea (aka “Why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along?”), spare yourself the heartburn and stop reading now.

I am Jim Graham, the President of Texas Right to Life, and I have come to divide.  And my fealty to the Republican Party follows distantly behind my faith and my conservatism.

The main problem with the Republican Party, including many self-identified here in Texas, is that the GOP has become the Democrat Party-lite.  The few differences between the ruling Republicans and Democrats are measured in degrees and are accidental, not substantial.

The most egregious situation is the Texas House of Representatives led by Joe Straus and his cartel of Democrats and liberal Republicans.  Straus maintains power by doing the bare minimum that the grassroots activists will accept.  He and his group of Republican opportunists in House leadership only care about maintaining power for the most venal reasons.  In order to stay in power, a block of Democrat members in the Texas House must be placated so as to continue to vote for Straus.  Therefore, the truly conservative measures that reach the floor of the Texas House, let alone pass into law, must be limited to a few bills that can be waved before their primary voters to secure reelection of the establishment House Republicans.

You see, the Democrats actually believe their liberal, godless, anti-family, anti-free speech, pro-death platform planks and will viciously fight for them.  What a concept!  Bravo for them!  If Straus actually followed the will of the House, granted freedom, and allowed a spate of conservative bills to reach the House floor, these bills would all pass 95-55, and the Democrat block would withdraw their support of Straus and end his ruling days as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

In regard to the Life Issues: At most, we are “blessed” to pass one Pro-Life bill every two years.  Do the liberal legislatures in California and New York only pass one anti-Life bill every 2 years?  I know they don’t.  They pass everything possible that they can dream up without regard to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

In fact, two years ago, Byron Cook, Lord Byron, who chairs the ultra-powerful House Committee on State Affairs, thus serving as one of the few remaining chief lieutenants for Joe Straus, told me how thankful I should be that a Pro-Life bill passed during the previous session of the Texas Legislature, which was two years prior to this meeting, and that I should sit down, shut up, and wait to see what might happen two years down the road.

That day marked my departure from the Republican plantation.  I became a runaway slave, a free man.  Free at last.

You see, the Pro-Life Omnibus bill that banned abortions at 5 months of development and that mandates that abortion mills operate under the same regulations as all other ambulatory surgical centers was never supposed to have reached to the floor of the Texas House, let alone become law.

Wendy Davis made complete fools of the establishment Texas Republicans on an international stage.  But Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry bravely stepped in to force Straus to pass the law despite whatever promises Straus had made to the Democrats, even if doing so took all summer.  Had Lord Byron allowed any Pro-Life bills out of his committee and onto the House floor for debate and passage, the special sessions of the Legislature in 2013 would never have been necessary.  Straus and Lord Byron set Wendy up nicely.

I know.  I. WAS. THERE. FOR. ALL. FIVE. WEEKS.  Texas Right to Life’s legislative team was in Austin, leading the charge and dodging arrows from both sides.

Some Republicans in the State Legislature and small, poser, wanna-be organizations will tell you that Texas Right to Life is an organization of unyielding, intransigent, stubborn, uncompromising jerks.

Guilty as charged.  And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

My trust of leadership in the current Texas House is exhausted, completely dissolved.  To achieve any substantial Pro-Life victories, the carrot must be tossed.  The ugly stick remains the only effective political tool.  All political efforts must now focus on the State House, which has become an outhouse, which must be cleaned out.

Senator Bob Hall and Senator Don Huffines are fine examples of newly-elected officials who courageously and successfully challenged and replaced entrenched, establishment incumbent RINO senators, and what a difference they have made in the State Senate, which is now more conservative than the House—for the first time in Texas history.

Under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Pro-Life bills and all other conservative legislation now flow from the State Senate without weakening amendments.

Let me put the Texas political scene in perspective.

In the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, 129 innocent French men, women, and children were slaughtered by the culture of death.

129 casualties represent almost four busses of 40 people driven over a cliff to death.

But every year in Texas, not 40, not 400, but 1,500 busses of absolutely innocent children are driven over a cliff to their deaths.

That’s right, at least 60,000 perfectly innocent babies are killed in Texas every year.

While 129 French victims died in one terrorist incident, on average 164 Texas babies are aborted 365 days of the year.

Every day of the year.

This is our holocaust.

And Joe Straus and the Republican House leadership and others in the Republican establishment want you, me, and other true conservative organizations to robotically work on their plantation to elect any “R,” poser or R-come-lately.

The State Republican party is NO better and does not hold any of the Republican leaders accountable who sabotage and kill Pro-Life and conservative legislation no matter how odious their performance.

Why does the state and national establishment ruling class fear and loathe someone like Senator Ted Cruz?

He is speaking that which the ruling establishment has forbidden to be said that resonates with the citizenry.  He is pulling back the curtain to see the grand wizard of Oz and what a fraud the establishment is.

There is a worldwide revolution underway.  The silent majority is beginning to wake, stand up, speak up, and leave the plantation of the establishment to go to the front to fight the culture of death.

No matter what happens, Texas will go Republican in the general election in November.  What we need to do is make certain true, principled, Godly, Pro-Life warrior Republicans are elected on March 1st.

The Culture of Death will overrun Europe.  Period.  Their final assault, as recently witnessed in Paris, has only begun.  Even Pope Francis stated that World War III has already started.

But America can still be saved, and Texas must be the catalyst.  Once again, we must pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to defeat the ruling establishment that has us slouching toward the ash heap of history.

The establishment must first be defeated in Texas.  Then we can export the revolution to the rest of our nation.

Right now, leave the plantation of political correctness, of Republican subservience, and join me, Texas Right to Life, Empower Texans, Texas Home School Coalition, Eagle Forum, Concerned Women of America, and Grassroots America We the People on the biggest RINO hunt ever to save our state and our nation, while we still can. 

Early Voting is February 16-26, and Election Day is March 1

Welcome to the Resistance!






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