Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Veronica Arnold Smither

Talks I can give:
  • Pro-Life 101
  • Abortion Apologetics
  • Fetal Development
  • Euthanasia Apologetics
  • Pro-Life Dialogue Training
  • Why Pro-Life is Pro-Woman
  • Abortifacient Birth Control and the Pro-Life Alternative: Creighton Model
  • IVF & the Pro-Life Alternative: NaProTechnology

Special Talks for Students:
  • Accountability for Group Members and Officers
  • Conflict Resolution/Personality Types
  • Effective Delegation
  • Working Well with Outside Groups
  • Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The Middle Third – How to Engage Your Members
  • Planning Your Year
  • Fundraising by and for Your Student Group
  • Officer Training/Officer Roles within Your Student Group
  • Student Recruitment

Veronica Arnold Smither was raised in a Pro-Life family, and regularly participated in and organized Pro-Life events while growing up.  In 2009, while pursuing her biology and Spanish degree at Texas A&M University, she was accepted into Texas Right to Life’s Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for College Pro-Life Leaders.  She and another Fellow formed Pro-Life Aggies and established the Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship at Texas A&M University to assist students who choose Life while continuing their college careers.  Upon graduating in 2012, she attended National Right to Life’s Academy and then joined Texas Right to Life’s ministerial staff.  Veronica was a full-time lobbyist at the 83rd Texas Legislative Session, during which Wendy Davis filibustered for 11 hours against Pro-Life legislation.  Veronica now works as the Director of Education for Texas Right to Life, which includes managing the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship, Team LIFE Camp, Boots on the Ground, and other Pro-Life community efforts and youth leadership programs.

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