Ultrasound: a window to the womb

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Do women want to see the ultrasound images?

“The ultrasound has a huge impact on women contemplating abortion.  Some women report that they’ve been denied the option to view an ultrasound image; these women have actually asked and been denied.  One woman in particular thought she had been deceived.  She went to the clinic not fully understanding what they provide.  She thought that she might have miscarried.  They did a D&C and told her that she had miscarried.  She still doubts whether she actually miscarried because she was denied the right to see her ultrasound.  This was over a year ago, and she cries like it had just happened.”
–Angelica Rosales, the House of Hope, El Paso, Texas
Texas Legislation
During the 81st legislative session, Texas Right to Life will pursue an Ultrasound Bill, which will mandate that abortion facilities offer all pregnant women seeking an abortion the opportunity to see the image of her unborn child. The woman can choose not to receive the information, but she must be offered the opportunity.  This legislation could have a tremendous impact on women who are deciding if they want an abortion or not.  Clinics currently perform an ultrasound before all abortion procedures, but they are not required to show the woman this ultrasound of her unborn baby.  Passing the Ultrasound Bill will guarantee that every woman can see her baby, resulting in more mothers choosing Life.
Ultrasounds Save More than Just the Babies’ Lives
Ultrasounds save more than the lives of the unborn babies: they are a powerful tool that can help anyone—not just a mother—understand the brutality of abortion.  
When Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, viewed an abortion procedure through ultrasound technology, her heart sank, and she began to question her role at Planned Parenthood.  Abby saw the unborn child “crumple” as he was torn from his mother’s uterus.  Johnson had volunteered and worked in Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, for the past eight years before becoming the director for 2 years.  She was a self-described pro-choice advocate and was surprised by her reaction to the ultrasound, after which she quit her job (in October 2009).
Abby Johnson exhibited great courage as she recognized her misconceptions about abortion and later even joined Coalition for Life in prayer outside the clinic she once directed.  Once making her decision to leave Planned Parenthood, she said, “I feel so pure in heart.  I don't have this guilt; I don't have this burden on me anymore.”  She is now determined to work as a Pro-Life advocate.
Ultrasound Saves Twins in Arkansas
Twin boys, due on Christmas day 2010, were given the opportunity to be born because a young mother saw her ultrasound.  Maria Maldonado was working as a sidewalk counselor outside an abortion clinic where 19-year-old Daniella entered to obtain an abortion.  As Daniella entered the clinic, Maria asked to look at her ultrasound.  According to Arkansas Catholic, “What I said to her, I don’t remember exactly, because the Holy Spirit gives me the right words.  I did tell her to please ask to see the ultrasound.”
Upon viewing her ultrasound, Daniella learned that she was carrying twin boys.  When she asked the due date, she found that it was December 25.  Daniella says, “I received three signs that day.  The first was Miss Maria; the second was that I was having twins; and the third was that I was due on Christmas.  It was meant for me not to do it.” 


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