Two important runoff races for Pro-Life Texans

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To change a nation, we must first change our own cities.

Texas is entering the time for general runoff elections, and Texas cities have a chance for positive, Pro-Life change.  In San Antonio, the upcoming runoff race between anti-Life Ron Nirenberg and Pro-Life Greg Brockhouse serves as an important opportunity for San Antonians to create a more Pro-Life San Antonio through their votes.  Since his election in 2017, San Antonio’s mayoral incumbent Ron Nirenberg has repeatedly proven himself to be anti-Life, even appointing a former Planned Parenthood employee to the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.  In stark contrast to Nirenberg’s anti-Life stance, mayoral candidate and native San Antonian Greg Brockhouse is a committed supporter of the Pro-Life movement, vowing to oppose abortion without concession.  In this mayoral election, Pro-Life votes are of the utmost importance.  By supporting Greg Brockhouse and opposing Ron Nirenberg, San Antonians can further the Culture of Life in their own backyard.

Texans in Plano also have an important opportunity to further the Pro-Life cause in their city by voting against candidates who disparage and deny the dignity of preborn children.  In Plano, anti-Life Ann Bacchus is running for city council again after a failed attempt in 2017.  Bacchus has pledged to oppose attempts to curtail elective abortion and is endorsed by several anti-Life groups, including Annie’s List and Women Organizing Women Democrats.  A vote against Ann Bacchus is a vote in favor of a more Pro-Life Plano.

Pro-Life votes in these cities have the potential to start a chain reaction, beginning with a more Pro-Life San Antonio and Plano and leading to a more Pro-Life nation.  By voting locally for Pro-Life candidates, Texans can play a major role in furthering the cause of the preborn both in our great state and in the nation as a whole.

Elections for the general runoff election will be held on Saturday.  To learn more about how to vote in Bexar County, visit Information about voting in Collin County can be found at

The races are close, but Pro-Life votes could tip the scale in favor of Life.



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