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Trump stops Nancy Pelosi from sneaking abortion funding into Coronavirus bill


Nancy Pelosi attempted to add taxpayer-funded abortions to the federal bill to combat the coronavirus.

Pelosi, who often calls herself a Catholic, is a longtime proponent of abortion. Exploiting an international illness, however, is a new low.

The Daily Caller reported that the House speaker wanted a way to guarantee taxpayer-funded abortions into the coronavirus economic stimulus plan. Multiple senior White House officials alleged that “while negotiating the stimulus with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Pelosi tried to lobby for… a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims, which White House officials say would set a precedent of health spending without protections outlined in the Hyde Amendment.”

Hyde prevents taxpayer dollars from funding most abortions through Medicaid and has been included in the federal budget with bipartisan support for over 40 years.

Tax dollars should NEVER be used to fund abortion nor the businesses that commit them, like Planned Parenthood. Your tax dollars should not pay for the electricity to power the vacuum, not for the actual act of sucking the baby out of his mother into the sink. NOT. ONE. RED. CENT.

Thankfully, President Trump pressured Pelosi into backing down and passing a clean bill.

On Thursday Trump said he would not support the coronavirus bill without protections for Pro-Life taxpayers.

“It’s not a way for them to get some of the goodies that they haven’t been able to get for the last 25 years,” the president said of House Democrats to a reporter at the White House.

The House passed the coronavirus bill on Saturday with Hyde Amendment language included.



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1 Comment

  1. Dr. Robert N. Schwartz on

    Speaker Pelosi has denigrated the third-most-powerful political position in our country. She openly tore up the president’s speech. Unprecedented! She publicly falsely claimed that Catholics “could get abortions.”
    These two acts violate human morality and the dignity of the office she has held far too long.

    All people of all nations and of all times must confront the innate evil of abortion as a violation of God’s very creation of “…a being created in His own image and likeness….” We have intellect and will, and in this we share what God has given only to us human beings “…created in His own image and likeness….”

    God has created us…at the moment of conception, and we, as His chosen creation, are required to follow His Will through the Church’s teaching, or, if not a member of His Church, to use our intellect and will to seek His Will in all things. He has given us the dignity of sharing both intelligence and will power, and, with these, we must seek the truth at all times, never bending to the easy “out” by rejecting what we know is His very Will in creating a human through infusion of a human soul, which, by definition, is conception, by His Will.