Trump calls on Congress to ban late-term abortions in State of the Union address

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President Donald Trump called for an end to late-term abortions in tonight’s annual State of the Union address. President Trump hosted Robin Schneider in the gallery and her miracle baby, Ellie, who exemplifies the miracle of Life.

“In 2017, doctors at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City delivered one of the earliest premature babies to ever survive,” Trump stated. “Born at 21 weeks and six days and weighing less than a pound, Ellie Schneider was a born fighter. Through the skill of her doctors and the prayers of her parents, little Ellie kept on winning the battle of life. Today, Ellie is a strong and healthy two-year-old girl sitting with her amazing mother, Robin, in the gallery. We are glad to have you with us tonight.”

President Trump urged everyone to look to Ellie for inspiration and to give other children like her a chance at life by banning late-term abortions.

“That is why I’m also calling upon members of Congress here tonight to pass legislation finally banning the late-term abortion of babies,” he said. “Whether we are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, surely we must all agree that every human life is a sacred gift from God as we support America’s moms and dads.”

In addition to the late-term abortion ban, the president requested “an additional $50 million to fund neonatal research for America’s youngest patients,” which can help provide life-affirming options for parents faced with difficult prenatal diagnoses.

President Trump’s message tonight echoes Texas’s Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA), the Pro-Life priority bill killed last year by Texas House leadership. In Texas, children who would be born with complex medical needs, much like little Ellie, are vulnerable to late-term abortions.  PreNDA would ban late-term abortions on babies with disabilities and provide such families with information on life-affirming social and medical services that will support, rather than kill, the child. We thank President Trump for his leadership on this issue and pray that the Texas Legislature will follow suit.

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