True masculinity protects innocent Life: Join the Men’s Breakfast


Although abortion has been erroneously painted as a woman’s issue by the anti-Life movement, Pro-Lifers recognize the invaluable role that true masculinity plays in protecting innocent human Life.  While the ability to nurture Life inside the womb epitomizes the genius of femininity, the desire to defend Life embodies the core of masculinity.

Texas Right to Life has scores of women standing for Life with us, and we would be remiss if we failed to recognize the countless men who do so as well.

As a way to further engage and educate the male population, Texas Right to Life is launching a Men’s Breakfast program beginning this April 26, 2017.

With speakers covering subjects from the role of ethics in politics, to the relationship of faith and business, to using talents with which we have been blessed to advance the Pro-Life cause, Texas Right to Life is proud to offer this unique opportunity for fellowship and education.

At the March for Life in Washington D.C. this January, Baltimore Ravens’ tight end Benjamin Watson emboldened men to embrace an active role in the Pro-Life movement. “Men, it is time we rise up [in]the pro-life movement.  Men, we cannot be silent anymore…As important as women have been in championing this cause, you men, us men, must rise up and lead the charge.”

In a world ever increasing in political correctness and the attack on innocent Life, will you be one of the men of whom Watson speaks?  Will you stand with the other Pro-Life men in Texas to put your beliefs into action to fight for innocent Life?  Let the Texas Right to Life Men’s Breakfast on April 26, 2017 be your springboard for a renewed conviction, a deeper commitment, and a new community to build the Culture of Life in our great state.

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