Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Three of Hollywood’s most extreme pro-abortion celebrities


2019 has seen the introduction of some of the most extreme anti-Life legislation the nation has ever seen.  There has been a groundswell of Pro-Life activism as the Pro-Life majority in America objects to expanding the legal killing of preborn babies.  In Texas, Pro-Lifers have been galvanized by the recent abortion extremism in other parts of the country to push for an end to late-term abortions in Texas.

There is no surprise that the radical anti-Life bills have also gained vocal support from abortion extremists, and few places have as many abortion extremists as Hollywood.  While Pro-Life celebrities are making their views known, the Planned Parenthood-loving elites still command disproportionate attention in biased media coverage.  

Just how pro-abortion is Hollywood?  As Texas Right to Life previously reported, one pro-abortion Hollywood star admitted she did not even know Pro-Life organizations existed until Pro-Lifers raised objections to her radical support for an abortion business.  To highlight how out-of-touch and extreme the mainstream entertainment industry has become on Life issues, here is a look at three of the most outspoken and extreme anti-Life celebrity activists of recent years:


1) Alyssa Milano: The has-been actress has lost all credibility as an advocate for victims of sexual assault by prioritizing a radical abortion agenda over actual women’s issues.  Milano gained attention as one of the instigators of the #MeToo movement. Since gaining a platform, Milano has demanded abortion on-demand in every state, even states in which she is not a constituent, and conveniently made her #MeToo outrage align with her anti-Life political views.

Milano was one of the loudest voices leading the character assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court.  Insisting we must “believe all women,” Milano infiltrated the hearings through her pro-abortion political connections and stirred up the media circus using far-fetched, unverified, and malicious attacks on Kavanaugh’s character.  Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations were very clear: Kavanaugh must be rejected because his assent to the Supreme Court was viewed as a threat to the legal killing of the preborn.

Gone is Milano’s “believe all women” fervor when the person facing credible allegations of sexual misconduct is one of her favorite pro-abortion politicians.  Milano faced backlash for her about-face in defense of a politician who serves her abortion extremism.  Like so many abortion activists, Milano claims to “stand for women,” but her actions show, without a doubt, she stands first and foremost for abortion.


2) Debra Messing: Another waning star of television fame, Messing was on the long-standing hit show “Will and Grace” and now uses her celebrity status to “celebrate” abortion.  Messing has posted pictures “proudly” wearing jewelry with a “1973” charm.  In case there is any confusion, the actress explicitly stated that the “1973” jewelry is commemorating and “celebrating” the 1973 Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade that legalized elective abortion in all 50 states.

Wearing commemorative jewelry celebrating the legal killing of the preborn is nothing short of ghoulish.  Since Roe v. Wade, more than 61 million preborn human beings have lost their lives in abortion.  Each year in Texas alone, 54,407 babies lose their lives in elective abortion.  Celebrating the destruction of innocent human Life is not “brave” and not something to do with “pride.”  Only in the echo chamber of Hollywood could Messing’s jewelry choice be seen as anything but barbaric.


3) Lena Dunham: Thankfully Dunham, of the crass television show “Girls” fame, has been relatively quiet in recent years, but other anti-Life celebrities would be hard-pressed to outdo her in pro-abortion fanaticism.  From dressing as a Planned Parenthood abortionist for Halloween—which then-Planned Parenthood abortion boss Cecile Richards called “sexy” and “cool”—to infamously saying she wishes she had undergone an abortion, few anti-Life activists are as committed to abortion as Dunham.  

Frankly, that may be why she hasn’t been in the public eye much recently.  Dunham’s no holds barred approach to anti-Life activism is off-putting and repugnant to most people—just like the reality of abortion.  In this, Dunham might be the most honest celebrity spokesperson for the abortion industry. As many anti-Life activists and politicians have distanced themselves from Dunham, there is a hint that perhaps even they realize how little honesty abortion advocacy can take.


Gone are the days when abortion activists called for abortion to be “rare”; now the abortion mob is demanding that abortion be legal at every stage of pregnancy for any reason, that Pro-Life taxpayers pay for elective abortion, and that preborn babies have no protections at all.  While pro-abortion celebrities are pushing these extreme positions, the American public is increasingly rejecting them. What has to happen for Hollywood to get the memo that most Americans are Pro-Life?

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