Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

The Texas Legislature cannot afford to pass ‘life-affirming’ laws


During each session of the Texas Legislature, officials file approximately 50 life-related bills.  Some measures are positive, but a true Pro-Life bill actually stops current assaults to innocent human Life.  However, since our legislature convenes only every other year, and since not all bills are equal, only the strongest Pro-Life bills must take priority.

Although some of the filed bills sound noteworthy, the impacts of symbolic versus actual impact greatly differ.  Any worthy Pro-Life bill encompasses three inextricable components: (a) the bill saves lives, (b) the bill drives the cultural conversation about the humanity of the unborn child, and (c) the bill weakens the shaky foundation of Roe v. Wade.

The most important consideration is whether the law will actually save lives.  Legislation that fosters a more humane and just society, in other words, that is ‘life-affirming,’ may make a nice re-election sound-bite, but such bills do not actually stop assaults on Life.  With limited time and political will in the Capitol, time and resources must only be dedicated to sweeping, effective Pro-Life laws.  If a bill will not spare innocent human Life that was endangered before passage, then the measure will not be a Pro-Life priority.

Ask your state representative to turn Senate Bill 8 into a life-saving bill!

Send a Pro-Life message to stop dismemberment abortions

For months, politicians have discussed addressing the transfer or disposal of the bodies of the victims of abortion, a notable public policy goal.  Some states have already passed such legislation, and in doing so, have awarded dignity to the victims of abortion—after their deaths.  However, such policies are symbolic and nicely nuanced, but these policies do not protect one single innocent human life.

Stopping the inhumane practice of abortion by dismemberment is Texas’ next Pro-Life priority.  This gruesome procedure ends the life of a living, unborn child by removing his or her limbs piece by piece.  The Dismemberment Abortion Ban will save thousands of lives who are currently in danger of brutal death, and the ban would also curtail, if not end, the trafficking and harvesting of the body parts of victims of abortion.

Pro-Lifers need to keep pressure on our elected officials to pass legislation that will protect women and unborn children by stopping elective abortions.  The 2017 85th Session of the Texas Legislature will be a failure if only these feel-good-do-nothing-Pro-Life-sounding bills pass when real, impactful, life-saving legislation is stalled.  Texas politicians must not be complacent requiring death with dignity for the 54,000 unborn children who will die in abortion facilities, rather the politicians must rescue these tiny Texans being led to their death.


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