Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Texas SREC passes resolution calling for Pro-Life special session


The Texas State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) recently passed a resolution calling on Governor Greg Abbott to convene a Special Session of the 86th Texas Legislature.  The SREC is the governing board of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT), comprised of 64 members from across the state. The resolution, addressed to Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and all Republican members of the Texas state legislature, calls for “bold Texas-sized advances” on the five legislative priorities adopted at the most recent RPT Convention, with the goal of retaining the approval of the voters who put these elected officials in office in the first place.  Notably, these priorities include “pass legislation to ban abortion and save lives such as PreNDA (Preborn Nondiscrimination Act) or the heartbeat bill.”

While Pro-Life, conservative Texas voters have heard bold claims about the success of the so-called “Superbowl Session,” this narrative is a sharp divergence from the real frustration grassroots conservatives feel after witnessing the many disappointments of the 86th Legislature.  During the discussion regarding the resolution, SREC member Walter West from Montgomery County highlighted this increasingly apparent disconnect between Texas elected officials and the constituents who elected them: “We just heard that the Governor spoke in ‘all caps’ saying no to a special session.  Well, the grassroots spoke in all caps when they said to pass the Republican Party of Texas priorities.”

This resolution comes on the heels of a multitude of grassroots activists signing onto the Lone Star Agenda, a list of conservative policy priorities that voters in Texas expect from their Republican-majority state legislature.  Last week, Texas Right to Life joined the coalition calling for the adoption of these Pro-Life, pro-liberty priorities and the convening of a special session to do just that. 

Preborn Texans are depending on members of the Texas Legislature to stand up to fight for their right to be free from the violence of abortion, and they can’t afford to wait another two years.  Please let your state legislators know that you are looking to them to support the call for a special session to pass the Lone Star Agenda, including increasing protections for unborn Texans! 

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