Texas Right to Life Legislative Director tweets live from Texas Sonogram Hearing in New Orleans

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Legislative Director John Seago reported live this morning via Twitter from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals hearing regarding the Texas Sonogram Law.  The law was challenged by The Center for Reproductive Rights, and has been blocked from going into effect by pro-abortion Judge Sam Sparks.

Texas Right to Life has been closely monitoring the Sonogram Law challenge, and applauds the steps Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott and other Pro-Life Texans are taking to defend and uphold the law.

(Earliest tweets begin at the bottom of the page.)


 John Seago 

No ruling today, so Prelim Injunction on Sonogram Law stays.
 John Seago 

Judges asked good questions showing skepticism of prelim injunction.
 John Seago 

Mitchell (AG Office) closes hearing strong w/ showin this is medical info 4 a medical procedure thats well w/in states interest 2 regulate.
 John Seago 

Plaintiffs oral argument closes w/ Judges reminding us that Supreme Court has ruled the state has right to show preference for live birth.
 John Seago 

Plaintiff: our problem is that this forces info on women. /Judge: FDA, Lege, gov boards determine what must b disclosed. Thats how it works.

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