Texans should not wait to hold the Legislature accountable


With less than a month left in the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, citizens should be demanding accountability now from their elected officials.  Once Sine Die occurs on May 29, 2017, the Texas Legislature will not be scheduled to meet again until January of 2019.  Thus, politicians’ delivery on all their campaign promises made during primary elections to concerned citizens has an expiration date.

Holding all statewide public offices, a majority in the Texas Senate, and a near super majority in the Texas House of Representatives, Republicans should be delivering all the conservative policy planks promised to voters.  However, ask any conservative activist at the Capitol, from Texas Right to Life, Concerned Women for America, Texas Eagle Forum, Southern Baptist Convention of Texas, or Texas Values about the current legislative session.  The resounding answer is, “Conservatives shouldn’t have to be working this hard.”

Indeed, after electing all Republicans, so much work from outside-the-Dome activists and organizations should not be needed.  We have block-walked, contributed to campaigns, and even written solid legislation; all the Republican members needed to do was pass conservative reforms.

The reluctance of Republicans to pass “conservative” legislation necessarily affects Pro-Life legislation; the most prolific and staunchest supporters of saving innocent human Lives in the Capitol are outspoken conservative members.

The obstacles lie in the Texas House of Representatives.  Although the official number of Republicans tally 95 in the lower chamber, nothing could be further from the truth.  Compare the priorities set by grassroots activists and conservative organizations statewide to what has passed the House so far to see where the rubber meets the road.

Not one piece of life-saving legislation has arrived on the House floor.  Even the few weak bills addressing abortion in small ways, the crumbs given to the Pro-Life movement by moderate-at-best House management (including Chairman Byron Cook of Corsicana), have been delayed so much that now their death at the hands of Democrats is almost inevitable.

But that’s the tactic we have seen over the last six years – delay “controversial” bills Republican management does not actually want, leaving just enough time for the Democrats to successfully run out the clock.  Policies do not become law, and the Republican management then has a convenient excuse back home of blaming “those darn Democrats.”

Do not be fooled.

Whatever issue is most important to you and your family, ask conservative activists busy monitoring the Capitol whom you trust for the real story.

Care about sanctuary cities?  Ask Grassroots America We the People.

Ensuring the state’s spending does not outpace our income?  Ask Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

Care about allowing men to prey in women’s bathrooms?  Ask Conservative Republicans of Texas, Concerned Women for America of Texas, and Texas Values.

Care about protecting churches from unnecessary state regulation?  Ask Concerned Women for America and the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas.

We must not wait until election season – Accountability Season begins now.



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