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Technicians at Planned Parenthood had “grocery list” of baby body parts to harvest every day


The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) continues an exposé video series with the release of the second-part of a recorded conversation with Holly O’Donnell.  CMP already released hours of undercover footage showing Planned Parenthood engaged in an unethical and illegal scheme of harvesting baby body parts for profit.  O’Donnell worked as a procurement technician in 2012 and 2013 for StemExpress, a company that allegedly purchased baby body parts from Planned Parenthood affiliates.  The latest project from CMP offers an in-depth look at the daily operations of America’s largest abortion chain.

In the first video of the in-depth conversation with O’Donnell, she described the first day of her job with StemExpress, which involved sorting through the dead bodies of aborted babies, an experience that was so shocking she fainted.  The second video includes a more comprehensive look at the collaboration between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress that O’Donnell witnessed in her position as a procurement technician.  The technicians would have a quota of body parts from various gestational ages to procure each day, what could be referred to as a “grocery list.”  Planned Parenthood would give the StemExpress employees, third-party contractors, information about the women coming to the abortion clinic.  O’Donnell explains, “At the beginning of the day, we would let them know what we were looking for.  There was a lot of coordination.”

O’Donnell explains in the video how the coordination between the abortion business and the procurement company worked.  StemExpress would have a list of “specimens,” body parts from aborted babies, requested by various researchers.  The StemExpress technicians would then use this information to determine from which abortion patients they would harvest baby body parts.  O’Donnell says, “We’d go to the head nurse, let the nurses know, hey this is what I’m looking for today.”  Alarmingly, O’Donnell says, “They’d give you a sheet of the appointments, which women were coming in, and it would tell you how many patients, what time they were coming in, their name, and if they knew how far along they were.”  The abortion workers would even give StemExpress technicians access to confidential medical records, a serious violation.

In a press release accompanying the video release, David Daleiden of CMP elaborates:

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and Planned Parenthood Northern California together see approximately 300,000 patients each year.  Over at least five years of operation, the StemExpress-Planned Parenthood scheme to sell baby body parts put the private health information of hundreds of thousands of pregnant women at risk.

O’Donnell’s claim that clinics violated patients’ privacy is corroborated by the investigation by the House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel.  In June of 2016, the House panel referred Planned Parenthood and StemExpress to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

While America’s largest abortion chain continues to operate business as usual, the American people must continue to demand justice.  Watch and share this video.

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