Ask the State Senate to Stop Dismemberment Abortions!


Abortionists dismember unborn children limb by limb to harvest baby body parts.  The Dismemberment Abortion Ban (SB 415) is the only bill that will save preborn children from this horrific death.

Make your voice heard!  Send a message to your state senator as the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee considers testimony on the Dismemberment Abortion Ban.

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  1. Vanessa Johnson on

    I plead with you to vote for the dismemberment abortion ban. This is so very, very important because it’s a horrendous act of violence,

    Thank you.

  2. Judith Anderson on

    I ask that you ban abortion and this type of dismemberment and this should not be permitted to take place. This is a horrible vilience against these unborn children and most women don’t understand the physical and emotional affects on both of them.

  3. Please end this horrific act. These helpless angels have no voice of their own to fight for their life and now these murderers decide they need to make an additional profit by dismembering them? Please put a stop to this hanous and disgusting crime.

  4. THE unborn babies cry out for justice can we not hear them and do all in our power to protect those most helpless please for the love of children be honorable and just

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