SHOCKING: Facebook refuses to censor graphic drag queen abortion video

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Given the bloody and horrific antics of anti-Life activists over the years, Pro-Lifers have come to expect dehumanizing and vulgar presentations of abortion in the public square.  All these antics pale in comparison to a recent shocking video posted on Facebook of a “Cannibal Drag” show.  In the more than three-minute clip, a drag queen who uses the name Blair Back commits a graphic and obscene abortion on a fake preborn baby while lip-syncing Kesha’s “Cannibal.” 

WARNING: The following content is graphic and disturbing 

At first, Back appears dressed as a pregnant mother, dancing while sitting at a bar.  Early in the video, however, he takes a knife and cuts directly into the fake pregnant belly.  Back then begins licking fake blood and smearing the contents of the “womb” on himself while dancing and singing.  As the song progresses, Back pulls a baby doll from the pregnant belly, which by the end of the video is decapitated and swung over Back’s head by the fake spinal cord.

Many who watched the video, posted by Azeret Nichols and others, were stunned and expressed outrage in the comments.  Back posted photos of the event on his personal Facebook account. In a picture taken before the event, Back appears “pregnant” with a caption that reads, “I’ve been having contractions all morning!!! I can’t wait to get these BABIES out of me.”  The post includes details of Back’s personal social media promising updates on the coming event.  In another, posted in the aftermath, Back, covered in blood, cradles the baby doll with the caption, “I had a girl.  Her name is Anita Bortion,” followed by a smiley face emoji.

People who were shocked by the video reported the graphic content to Facebook, but they were told that the video “doesn’t go against the Facebook Community Standards.”  Despite numerous people reporting the video, the content remained up and is still accessible.  How a graphic portrayal of ripping a preborn child from the womb and dismembering the baby while drinking blood is in accord with Facebook’s standards remains a mystery.

For Pro-Life content, Facebook has exercised much more rigorous “standards.”  Pro-Life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha was blocked from sharing an article because the piece was titled, “African Pro-Life Leader Bashes Abortion: We Must ‘Respect Human Life From Womb to Tomb.’”  Evidently, merely stating opposition to abortion, the intentional killing of an innocent human being, and defending Life from womb to tomb is offensive to Facebook but putting a knife into a fake pregnant belly is beyond reproach.  Live Action has also documented several instances of Facebook blocking, obscuring or censoring their content merely for showing scientifically accurate imagery of a child in the womb. 

Some commenters tried to defend the horrific performance by saying that the antics were part of Halloween.  That is nonsense. No one in civil society tolerates people dressing as Nazis for Halloween with the excuse that Halloween is a time for dressing up.  Dehumanizing and indecent behavior is not disguised or excused with a costume.

Sadly, October is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Unbelievably, Facebook did not censor or in any way warn users of the graphic nature of the drag queen abortion video at the same time that grieving parents around the world are acknowledged for their loss of a beloved child in the womb or shortly after birth. 

One commenter pointed out that the gruesome video aids the Pro-Life movement by showing how horrific and unjust abortion is.  The vile depiction of destroying a defenseless human life and dancing in the blood of an innocent child is perhaps gruesome enough to make someone think about their unquestioned anti-Life stance.  However, the video was seeking only to shock, and in that, Back was successful. That Facebook, a supposedly unbiased platform, aided the dissemination of such violent, inhumane, and indecent material leaves no question where they stand on Life issues.  

Abortion is a violent, bloody, and unjust reality in our culture.  Mocking and sexualizing abortion for entertainment should not be left uncensored on a public platform where anyone could stumble on and view this disturbing video.

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