Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Send a message now: Urge Governor Abbott to add Pro-Life priorities to the special session call!


Are you satisfied with how the 87th Texas Legislature chose to defend innocent human Life?

This past session, Texas accomplished some significant Pro-Life victories. The passage of the Texas Heartbeat Act and $100 million in funding for Pro-Life pregnancy centers will see tens of thousands of preborn lives saved.

Yet the remaining urgent needs, particularly for vulnerable patients in Texas, must not be ignored.

The Regular Session of the 87th Texas Legislature can aptly be described as a great victory for preborn children and a devastating loss for vulnerable patients. 

The governor of Texas has the authority to call the Legislature back into a 30-day special session to complete unfinished business. In this short session, the governor stipulates which specific topics can be addressed through legislation.

Add your name if you believe Governor Abbott should add Pro-Life policies to the special session agenda!


  1. Joann Juhasz on

    Governor Abbott,
    Please add these pro-life priorities to the Special Session Agenda.
    SB 917 – Repeal the anti-life 10 Day Rule.
    SB 1647 – Pro life omnibus bill
    SB 1674 – Conscience Protection for Healthcare Professionals.

    Thank you and God Bless you for protecting every life created in His image and likeness.
    JoAnn Juhasz
    Republican Precinct 396 Chair

  2. Dear Governor Abbott,
    I would urge you to encourage our TX House and Senate to be pro-life from moment of conception to natural death. The two bills just passed protecting the unborn is good news, but we are a long way from pro-life at all phases of life. SB917 10-10 rule needs to be stopped. LIfe and death decisions of loved ones is a family issue, and for doctors to be allowed to supercede health directives of families is not moral nor ethical. SB917 must be stopped now! This sets a dangerous precedent in the future ( perhaps the authors of SB917 might run into the same situation as all hospitalized Texans, would SB917 be applied to them?) I don’t think the Author of Life would approve this marxist/atheistic thinking of people w/ serious illnesses. There has to be a better way of handling medical costs of sick people close to death: Hospice care, etc., but deliberately killing God’s children – NO!

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