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Pro-Lifers like you may be well-versed in abortion issues, but fewer members of our cause know about the topic of euthanasia.  And tragically, many people first learn about these issues and patients’ rights (or lack thereof) when they or their family members are hospitalized.  You can learn about medical ethics, assisted suicide, your rights as a patient, brain death, organ donation, and more at the Boots on the Ground conference!

This year’s event, which will take place on January 26 and 27 in Austin is themed “Do No Harm.”  In addition to conference talks and activities, attendees will have a chance to march at the Texas Capitol with thousands of others in commemoration of the 46th Roe v. Wade anniversary.

New this year, Boots on the Ground welcomes Pro-Lifers of all ages!  Attend with your loved ones, bring your church group, or spread the word to your local youth ministry!  You’ll hear from state and national Pro-Life advocates about these important issues that could affect you.  Hundreds of Pro-Life college students will attend too, both to learn how to lead their groups on campus and to practice Pro-Life dialogue with one another.  Join us in Austin, January 26-27, 2019!

Reserve your spot now at!  See you in January!


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4th Annual North Texas Celebration of LifeTickets are still available!

The Honorable Jonathan Stickland serves as the representative for Texas House District 92 and is known for standing for principle – even when he stands alone.  Stickland is the only Pro-Life Hero in the Texas House from the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature.  Texas would have no significant Pro-Life victories in 2019 without Stickland’s bravery to defy House leadership.