Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Pro-Life women make presence known at anti-Life Women’s March on Washington


The Women’s March on Washington took to the street of Washington, D.C., Saturday wearing “pussy hats” and carrying profanity-laced signs.  Celebrities declared “F**k you!” to any critics of the march and received wild cheers from the crowd.  Chants of the tired anti-Life line, “My body! My choice!” drowned out any Pro-Life voices.  These divisive theatrics are in line with the ironically named “Unity Principles” issued by the Women’s March which proclaim that all participants must accept the violence of abortion.

Pro-Life feminists, notably New Wave Feminists and Students for Life of America, were told in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome at Saturday’s march.  Undeterred, both groups attended.  New Wave Feminists reported that despite the rejection by march leadership, marchers welcomed the opposing views.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) stole the show and made their presence known when they marched out ahead of the official entourage of anti-Life fanatics.  SFLA president Kristan Hawkins posted on Facebook: “Yeah so they wouldn’t let us in their march so we just ran ahead and got in the front.  #womensmarch #prolifeprowoman #hardcore

Texas Right to Life applauds SFLA for refusing to be deterred by the radical anti-Life forces that try to disguise themselves as pro-woman at the Women’s March.  People who are authentically advocate for women’s rights do not support the killing of pre-born baby girls and do not support the predatory abortion industry that lies to women.

“While the Women’s March was anything but a march supporting women, Students for Life believed we needed to be there.  Where Planned Parenthood was going to promote their message of abortion above all else, we needed to be there to speak the truth,” Hawkins said in a statement to Texas Right to Life. “Who else would lend a voice to the pro-life position, to a position of many women – including Millennials – who hold the view that abortion is morally wrong, that it should be illegal in most circumstances?  We needed to be there to speak the truth, to be witnesses to the travesty of abortion and the destruction the abortion industry causes to preborn babies, their mothers, and countless families.

“I was encouraged by the overwhelming support we received from supporters and strangers alike once we posted videos and photos from the day, thanking us for being there, for being a witness to the truth.”

While the media regurgitate endless praise for the so-called Women’s March this weekend, we are glad that Pro-Lifers made their voices heard in the hostile environment.  The real women’s march will be next Friday when hundreds of thousands of Pro-Lifers gather to stand for the Right to Life of ALL people in our nation.  The March for Life and the many marches around the country marking the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is not a one-time riotous protest event.  Pro-Lifers have been steadily marching for decades.

SFLA showed the anti-Life movement Saturday that Pro-Lifers were first, in more ways than one.