Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Pro-Life student, Desireah Rodman, shares how she came to be a Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow


My name is Desireah Rodman, and I am currently twenty years of age.  Growing up, my family instilled in me the importance of upholding the sanctity of Life.  As a Catholic, we hold firm to the truth that Christ Jesus resides within each individual human being.  Thus, individuals have innate dignity that can never be stripped.  At the moment of fertilization, a unique and distinct human Life is formed, and from that point forward, that individual human Life should be revered, treated with equity, and served with love.

Although I have been Pro-Life my entire life, my convictions were solidified in college.  In late 2018, I heard about Dustdevils for Life (DFL) on my campus, Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), through one of my closest friends who was a regular member.  She had invited me to their meetings several times, but I had yet to accept her offers.  I did not want to be subject to the harsh backlash lodged at Pro-Life activists at TAMIU.  Even though I identify as Pro-Life, I rarely had spoken of these beliefs to others.

As a maturing young adult, I discovered that human Life is not always regarded as worthy of honor and respect.  Whether the young woman assaulted at a party, the innocent human life taken away through abortion, the disabled person constantly bullied, or the patient on whom death was imposed, human Life is constantly devalued and destroyed.  Learning about the many ways society easily discards certain individuals moved me to defend human Life at all stages.  I was certain that there needed to be a change, so I thought to myself, “If not me, then who?”  In early 2019, I finally accepted my friend’s invitation to become involved with the Pro-Life group at TAMIU.

When I entered the room of the spring 2019 meeting of Dustdevils for Life, I was warmly greeted by young people who were extremely passionate about being the voice for the voiceless.  Not only did the members label themselves as Pro-Life, but they truly were active within the community of Laredo, upholding the value of Life at all stages.  As a team, we work together to celebrate Life by awarding Pregnant & Parenting Scholarships, organizing drives for baby supplies, volunteering at walks for patients with Alzheimer’s, assisting local pregnancy centers, hosting Pro-Life guest speakers, attending Boots on the Ground in Austin, TX and the March for Life in Washington D.C., speaking against sexual assault in tabling events, participating in Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, arranging a Memorial of the Innocents display, engaging in community service with TAMIU, and more!  Becoming involved with DFL solidified my call to share with others the beauty each life holds.

The leap of faith I took to join the front of the Pro-Life battle has yielded much fruit.  I have dialogued with individuals who do not support the Pro-Life movement, with people who are Pro-Life, but reluctant to share their beliefs, with people who are uncommitted to either side of the movement, and with people who are actively advocating for Life.  Each and every experience humbles me; such raw moments strengthen my passion, especially the personal transformations in the lives of others.  Reflecting on my decision to speak with actions now increases my fervor in defending Life.  May we continue serving in hopes of changing hearts and minds toward valuing the sanctity of human Life at all stages!

Desireah Rodman
Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow at
Texas A&M International University

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