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Pro-Life ordinance blocked in North Texas town


A motion to craft a city ordinance declaring Mineral Wells a Sanctuary City for the Unborn was blocked at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

With heavy pressure from the media and outside abortion organizations, the North Texas city council voted 5-2 not to proceed with an ordinance that would ban abortion in city limits.

The five members in opposition feared the sudden spotlight on the small town, protests from abortion activists, and threats of an (unsubstantiated) lawsuit by powerful liberal organizations.  Many believed the false notion that because Mineral Wells does not have an abortion facility, the city did not need to protect preborn children.  However, Texas Right to Life Legislative Associate Rebecca Parma encouraged the council, “People often forget Pro-Life advances can be made at the local level,” as the ordinance would help dismantle the corrupt foundation of Roe v. Wade.  Parma added, “Texas is a target for the abortion industry and so it is imperative for communities like yours to take a stand against the injustice of elective abortion and for the protection of innocent human Life.”

Texas Right to Life praises Mayor Christopher Perricone for boldly prioritizing this issue, prays the city council will reconsider the ordinance, and is ready to help the town pass the policy to become a Sanctuary City for the Unborn in the future.

Texans should not be deterred from making their communities Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.  Now is the time for every city to protect preborn children.  Citizens interested in banning abortion in their communities can contact for assistance.

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  1. Wow…they had a chance to do the right thing and chose not to protect the innocent.

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