Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Pro-Life movement gains ground in Texas Primary Runoff Election 2018


After victories in March in the Republican Primary Election, Texas conservatives gained extra ground in the May 22 Runoff.  In the 2018 election cycle to date, Pro-Life conservatives have gained at least five seats in the Texas House of Representatives and won primary races for U.S. Congress seats.  Principled conservatives endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC also advanced in races for several key judicial positions, both local and statewide.

Additionally, we successfully defended all the members of the Texas House Freedom Caucus, some of whom were targeted by the establishment.  Membership in the Freedom Caucus of the Texas House is likely to expand due to recent victories, such as Mayes Middleton and Lisa Luby Ryan.  In the May 22 Runoff election, Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed Deanna Maria Metzger advanced to the November election.  Without losing any seats, Texas conservatives successfully won several seats formerly held by Establishment cronies.

In the Texas Senate, proven conservative Senator Bob Hall (R- Edgewood) won re-election against a former House member with a mixed record on Life issues.

In races for the judiciary, Texas Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidates Kimberly Fitzpatrick, Mike Toth, and Tricia Krenek achieved wins in this year’s Runoff.

In the races for United States Congress, Ron Wright in District 6 and Chip Roy in District 21 advanced to the November election in which both are expected to win.

The steady gains of Pro-Life, taxpayer champions across the state show that Texans want conservative elected officials accountable to their constituents.  Texas Right to Life looks forward to the November election and the 2019 Legislative Session to continue advancing the Pro-Life movement in our state.

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