Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Pro-Life champion Konni Burton founds The Texan to deliver real news


Konni Burton, a proven conservative leader, continues to advance the movement with her greatest project yet: The Texan.  The Texan is a reader-funded media company, focusing on current issues in politics and policy that impact the lives of Texans across the state.


Konni Burton will serve as CEO to her team of energetic and talented writers to give Texans the news without the agenda of liberal donors and advertisers or a leftist bias.  Drew White will be The Texan‘s first editor and brings his years of policy experience in state and federal government.


What is The Texan?

Media bias is undeniable. We’re launching today to provide the alternative that Texans deserve.Our goal is to provide relevant, objective journalism in a manner that respects your values while simultaneously capturing the independent spirit of what it means to be Texan.We don’t have advertisers and we aren’t donor-funded. When you subscribe to The Texan, you receive quality, ad-free content that prioritizes the stories that matter most to you and your pocketbook.Visit us at to learn more, read some free articles, and then subscribe.#IAmTexan

Posted by The Texan on Sunday, April 28, 2019


As a State Senator, Konni Burton was unapologetically Pro-Life, and The Texan will focus on Pro-Life Priorities during these final weeks in the 86th Texas Legislature, including the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act and repealing the anti-life “10-Day Rule” in the Texas Advance Directives Act.  Additionally, The Texan will report on Texas lawmakers in Washington, D.C., statewide campaigns, and Texas heroes protecting liberty and life.


Trust in the mainstream media has waned, and seven in 10 Americans believe the media knowingly spreads misinformation at least some of the time.  Much of this “fake news” is directed against the Pro-Life majority in a attempt to stifle life-saving efforts and policies.


The Associated Press even instructs journalists NOT to use the term “Pro-Life.”  


Texas Right to LIfe’s lauds Burton’s launching of The Texan in response to the seemingly ubiquitous biased media; The Texan is long overdue and could not come at a better time.  

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