Pro-abortion professor uses Pro-Life event to make satanic onesie

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Because of you, a generation of courageous young leaders continues to build the Pro-Life movement on campuses across Texas. Now more than ever, the anti-Life movement rages against those of us, especially college students, who want to protect the most innocent lives among us.

Recently, the liberal extremist anti-Life mentality common in the world of academia resurfaced. This occurrence demonstrates why your support of these Pro-Life college students is paramount to advancing the Culture of Life.

Pro-Life students at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) lead the Pro-Life group Bearkats for Life.  This year, the group organized a baby shower for an expectant mother who is a student at the university.  As a gift from Bearkats for Life and the SHSU community, the Pro-Life group purchased baby onesies and made them available to decorate with markers at a table in a common area on campus.  The onesies will be given to the baby shower recipient later this April. The group collected many cheerfully decorated baby outfits through the event, but the response Bearkats for Life received from one professor was nothing short of satanic.

The Bearkats for Life PR officer and treasurer were overseeing the table when they were approached by a professor they did not know.  The professor asked to take a onesie and markers to her class, so her students could take part in the community service project. Later that day, while Bearkats for Life members were cleaning after the tabling event, a student from the professor’s class returned the markers along with a decorated onesie saying, “My professor said to give this to y’all.”  The members of the Pro-Life group were busy packing up the table and accepted the onesie without review.

Later, members of Bearkats for Life discovered the professor had sent back a shockingly offensive onesie.  The onesie had been covered in snakes, nooses, demons, and skulls with the front reading “Mommy’s Best Accident.”  The group does not know the extent to which the professor took part in decorating the item of baby clothing, but she apparently approved of returning the onesie to the Pro-Life club by directing one of her students to do so.

Bearkats for Life President Lilliana Cortez was not present for the incident, and she says this is the first real backlash the Pro-Life club has faced.  Sadly, the anti-Life sentiment came with the approval of a professor. Although such antagonism could understandably make students shy about publicly standing for Life, Cortez said the experience has galvanized Bearkats for Life.  She told Texas Right to Life, “Although unfortunately this incident happened, the experience made us want to work harder in bringing a Culture of Life to the SHSU campus.” Members of the group did not want the expectant mother receiving the baby shower to see the satanic onesie, so they disposed of the clothing.  They have set their sights on carrying out a life-affirming baby shower and finalizing their first-ever Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship.

Incidents like the one Bearkats for Life experienced are not rare.  Radical anti-Life sentiment is present on many college campuses, as evidenced by the increasing number of extreme abortion supporters who argue in favor of infanticide.  This is also not the first time anti-Lifers have chosen to associate themselves with satanism.  These examples show just how far the abortion industry and anti-Life worldviews have infiltrated college campuses.  

These examples highlight the importance of work by groups like Bearkats for Life.  Pro-Life students are outspoken in defending innocent Life on campuses despite the often vile backlash.  By supporting pregnant and parenting students, contributing to crisis pregnancy centers, and being a public voice for the Pro-Life movement, Pro-Life students are changing hearts and minds.  To learn more about the work of Bearkats for Life, view some of their upcoming events here.

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