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Planned Parenthood: Killing babies, selling their bodies parts, and ruining your holidays


In anticipation of the holiday season, Planned Parenthood released talking points they encourage deluded supporters to share with family and friends at holiday gatherings.  Planned Parenthood Action Committee is the political arm of an organization that receives more than half a billion (with a “b”) dollars in taxpayer funding each year.  This is the same Planned Parenthood under ongoing investigation and facing prosecution for selling the body parts of aborted babies.

Their holiday-ruining talking points fail to mention the investigation or Planned Parenthood’s killing of 330 thousand preborn children every year, but they are very concerned with funding.  Planned Parenthood thinks the best time to assault your family with the fundraising pitch of the nation’s largest abortion business is over the family dinner table.

Evidently, Planned Parenthood operatives are suffering from unfettered narcissism.  In “How to Talk to Your Family About Planned Parenthood This Thanksgiving,” Kaili Joy Gray claims that “one of the most important questions people will ask” at a family holiday like Thanksgiving is: “What will happen to Planned Parenthood?”  Yes, when people gather with loved ones, abortion zealots are convinced they can’t wait to talk about Planned Parenthood’s financials!

The article lists a few brief points about the organization, starting with the fact that Planned Parenthood has been around for 100 years.  There is no mention of founder Margaret Sanger’s commitment to eugenics or the ongoing slaughter of the preborn.  They also conveniently neglect the gruesome facts of undercover videos and ongoing investigations into the trafficking of body parts from the babies killed in abortions for which they are facing prosecution.  Contrary to Ms. Gray’s argument, simply because an organization has made society worse for an entire 100 years, we should not feel obligated to assist in the continuation of a legacy of death.

Next the article bemoans that President-elect Donald Trump and his vice president, Mike Pence, have vowed to defund Planned Parenthood, insisting “that doesn’t mean it’s a done deal.”  There have already been numerous Congressional votes to halt federal funding to the abortion conglomerate, which were only unsuccessful because of President Obama’s veto.  Once a Pro-Life president takes office, we certainly hope Planned Parenthood’s imminent defunding is a done deal.  Many elected officials won on a Pro-Life platform, and there will be a strongly Pro-Life constituency watching the upcoming votes and keeping tabs.  If ever there was a time to defund Planned Parenthood, this is the moment.

After these brief points, the article culminates in a request for donations.  This desperate fundraising plea is further evidence of what Fr. Mark Hodges calls Planned Parenthood’s “Fear Mode,” which has been on display since the November 8 election.  Understandably, Planned Parenthood was shaken by the results.  They had invested 30 million dollars into campaigning for their good friend anti-Life Hillary Clinton and her ilk.  In the wave of post-election fear-mongering and fundraising, Planned Parenthood eked out more than 182,000 donations, 46,000 of which were petulantly made in Mike Pence’s name.

Somehow, that is not enough, and, in addition to receiving your tax dollars, Planned Parenthood wants to ruin your holiday dinner with their fundraising.  They are so desperate for donations, they claim “anyone can join the fight” by giving money to Planned Parenthood.  Pro-Lifers are well aware that Planned Parenthood will accept support from anyone: sexual predators, human traffickers, and racists, to name a few.

With the impending prosecution for their illegal sale of baby body parts, this will not be a happy holiday season for Planned Parenthood.  That’s no reason for them to try to ruin the holidays for the rest of us!

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