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Parents refused abortion for their disabled daughter, say she “never stops smiling”


Zoe Lush’s parents learned about their daughter’s disability before she was born.  During an ultrasound at five months’ pregnant, a doctor told Zoe’s mother, “Mrs. Lush, there’s something very wrong with your child.”

Zoe’s parents later learned that Zoe has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) Type III, a condition that causes brittle bones.  Even in the womb, Zoe had multiple fresh and healing fractures.  Zoe’s mother said in a video for the BBC, “We were told it was a one in 50,000 chance for it to happen to her.  She has a mutation in her DNA which causes her OI.”  Doctors did not know whether Zoe would live to birth.

The distraught parents were pressured to abort their daughter.  Zoe’s father says they were told abortion was the only “humane” thing to do.  They were even told that they should abort Zoe and donate her body to scientific research.  Despite their distress and the pressure to choose abortion, Zoe’s parents chose Life.  Pro-Life legislators in Texas are working to pass the Disabled Preborn Justice Act, so that parents like Zoe’s can find support and children like Zoe are not violently killed in abortion for the sole reason of their disability.

The Lushes journey has been a difficult one.  At birth Zoe broke her collar bone, and within the first month of life she fractured arms and legs.  She has broken so many bones, her parents have stopped counting.  Her dad says, “We stopped counting at around a hundred.”  When she was an infant, three people were needed to change her diaper to prevent more fractures.  But her parents and everyone she meets says Zoe “never stops smiling.”  Her mother insists, “I would not change Zoe.  If I could take her OI back, I would never, ever take it back.”  With continued treatment, Zoe is expected to live a long and full life.

Zoe’s story demonstrates the need for laws like the Disabled Preborn Justice Act.  No matter what disability a child may have, he or she is still an innocent human being.  The deadly discrimination in Texas law denies these children the Right to Life and the opportunity to overcome their disability.  The Disabled Preborn Justice Act would protect disabled babies from violent late abortions.  The law would  also ban the practice of sex selective abortion and outlaw force or threats of force for anyone, including physicians, attempting to coerce a woman to undergo an abortion due to her preborn child’s ethnicity, sex, or disability.

Send a message to your legislators to protect babies like Zoe.  Disabled children should be protected from discrimination starting in the womb.

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  1. While I did not know about my son’s condition until after birth (like so many new moms), I’ve learned that my son’s life regardless of his DISabilities; he is worth every penny that has been spent on him. People assume babies born with health issues automatically get coverage through Medicaid. This is simply not true! In order get any assistance for my son (who has CP, epilepsy, cognitive delay, no ability to walk, is totally dependent for all of his care) we waited 8 years before obtaining services.

    Meanwhile, at age 3 (pre-ACA) when our lifetime cap was $2m, he was already at $600k! In 2016, his care cost over $500k! Nearly half was paid thru private ins while other through Medicaid. Now, the Feds and TX plan to gut Medicaid bit by bit. How on earth are families like mine supposed to survive? Even if we earned $400k/yr our earnings to live off of for a family of 4 would be less than $40k/yr!

    I’m tired of people calling themselves pro-life when they really are Pro-Birth. These GOP plans do nothing to help medically fragile kids whose parents are living the REAL pro-life agenda! Ronald Reagan had it right in 1982 when he instituted the Kate Beckett waivers–which allowed disabled kids to live with their families in a hospital-like setting, where they should be with their siblings and other family whiles while also costing the government less money because institutionalizing our kiddos will be more expensive to taxpayers, regardless!

    If you are someone who supports children at any healthcare level and at any age and at any ability/disability then please contact your elected officials and let your concerns be known!

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