Op Ed: Donald Trump misses the mark; Pro-Life is pro-woman

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Donald Trump clearly missed the memo on the Pro-Life theme for 2016: pro-woman and Pro-Life go hand-in-hand.  The theme is receiving special attention this year as the Supreme Court addresses House Bill 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill of 2013, which enforces an array of crucial health and safety protections for women in Texas.  But the idea of defending women from the lies of abortion has been part of the Pro-Life ethos from the beginning, and Donald Trump proved Wednesday – once and for all – that he is utterly clueless about the Pro-Life worldview.
Because Trump inexplicably brands himself as a Pro-Life candidate, Pro-Lifers did a collective “face-palm” when he told MSNBC that he believes women who undergo abortions should receive “some form of punishment.”  What Trump clearly doesn’t know is that a woman begins to be victimized by abortion long before her preborn child has died.  Women seeking abortions, in fact, are subjected to rampant misinformation and manipulation, health hazards, callous treatment by abortion staff, and an often torturous abortion procedure that renders many women scarred with anguish for life.
Trump’s campaign attempted to do damage control following the gaffe, but the rote statement (in which Trump compared himself to Ronald Reagan and reiterated his view that some abortions are acceptable) was too little too late for Pro-Life advocates, who have gone to great lengths to dissociate the Pro-Life movement from the candidate.
 Women are abortion victims; they are not abortion perpetrators.  Women are the victims of a culture that tells them that motherhood is a problem, that abortion is a quick-fix, and that they are not worth helping and supporting in their time of need.  But Trump’s ongoing record of misogynistic statements and actions leave us unsurprised that his despicable solution to the victimization of women involves punishing women.


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