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Notorious abortionist and convicted baby killer Kermit Gosnell delivered Will Smith


On September 25, 1968, a resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia delivered a baby named Will Smith.  That resident would later become the man known as “America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”  The Daily Mail reported that the celebrity actor Will Smith was delivered by convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell earlier this week.

Most people would never associate Will Smith, of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Men in Black fame, with the violence of Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” abortion mill.  The current Hollywood glamour of Will Smith’s life would seem to have nothing to do with the blood-stained floors of Gosnell’s abortion mill where he horrifically abused his patients and killed babies.  Smith, 48, was in fact born years before Gosnell started his unsafe abortion mill where he killed infants born alive in abortions.

As strange as the story may seem, the Daily Mail exclusively printed a letter from Gosnell to the actor, in which he describes his friendship with Will Smith’s grandmother Helen Bright, a nurse at the hospital.  When Helen’s daughter, Caroline—Will Smith’s mother—was in labor, her doctor was stuck in traffic.  That’s when, Gosnell claims, Helen called the resident she wanted to deliver her grandson.

The Daily Mail gained access to the story and the letter through Phelim McAleer, a co-author of the book detailing Gosnell’s crimes.  The book, entitled Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer is currently a best-seller on Amazon.

Even though the story seems like a tall tale, McAleer told the Daily Mail he does not see reason to disbelieve the story.  Everything Gosnell told McAleer and his co-author Ann McElhinney for their book, they were able to verify.  McAleer doesn’t think this story will be any different.

The Daily Mail reports that Will Smith and his representatives have not yet responded to the story.  Understandably such bizarre news from a convicted killer would be a shock to anyone.  The Pro-Life community can hope, however, that Will Smith will lend a celebrity voice to justice for Gosnell’s victims.  Gosnell took the lives of children and did irreparable harm to countless women.  Despite the extent of his atrocities, his case was largely ignored by the media.  A few brave journalists, like McAleer and McElhinney, felt compelled to write Gosnell’s story so that the truth would be known.

More disturbingly, investigations show that Gosnell’s treatment of preborn children born alive in abortions is far from the exception.  Babies born alive in abortions are left to die.  Former abortion workers are speaking out, and committed journalists are telling the story to bring justice for the victims of these atrocious crimes.

If we viewed every preborn and newborn baby as a celebrity on par with Will Smith would we be more likely to demand ethical and humane treatment for ALL lives?

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