Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

North Texas town may become next Sanctuary City for the Unborn


As early as Tuesday, a small North Texas town could move to become the next Sanctuary City for the Unborn by city ordinance.  Mayor of Mineral Wells Christopher Perricone is courageously leading on the issue to outlaw abortion within city limits and recognize Roe v. Wade as an unjust act of judicial overreach.  The ordinance classifies abortion as murder but does not penalize women who might obtain an abortion.  If the city council agrees to proceed with the ordinance on Tuesday, a formal vote on the policy could come within a month.

With the Texas Legislature refusing to take action, now is the time for Americans everywhere to follow in the footsteps of Mayor Perricone and do the right thing by protecting preborn children in their communities.  

Your town can become a Sanctuary City for the Unborn!  Request the sanctuary city toolbox by emailing or calling 713-782-5433.

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