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“Never again in Waco”: Texans take a stand against proposed Planned Parenthood re-opening


Planned Parenthood plans to expand abortion in Texas by reopening abortion mills in Waco, Houston, and Austin.  The Waco Tribune-Herald recently reported that Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas plans to commit abortions in Waco for the first time since 2013.  The Waco Planned Parenthood had been forced to stop committing abortions in 2013, because the facility could not comply with the health and safety standards of House Bill 2.  However, last June the Supreme Court sided with the abortion lobby and ruled that abortion mills could follow lower health and safety standards that potentially endanger women’s lives.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s anti-Life ruling, the Texas Department of State Health Services approved licenses for facilities in Waco, Austin, and Houston to commit abortions.  Planned Parenthood has not commented, but sources indicate that the abortion business is constructing a new abortion mill in Waco.  The Pro-Life community has responded with a powerful campaign.  Pro-Life Waco and CareNet Waco joined forces to rally against the proposed abortion mill.

John Pisciotta told the Waco Tribune-Herald:

What we know is that they [Planned Parenthood] were in the abortion business from 1994 to 2013 and they performed 19,000 abortions and now they intend to start again.  It’s a matter of proclaiming hopefully that people opposed to abortion and the shedding of innocent blood will stand up and proclaim, ‘Never again in Waco.’  We hope to persuade Planned Parenthood to stop it, because you’re going to face huge opposition.

The Pro-Life campaign put their message on a billboard that reads: “19,000 babies in the womb were killed by Planned Parenthood in Waco between 1994-2013.”  This shocking statistic underscores the carnage that Planned Parenthood has brought to so many communities like Waco.  The message also refutes the lie that Planned Parenthood is not an abortion business.  While Planned Parenthood abortion activists insist they are concerned about rural women having access to basic healthcare, the sole focus of Planned Parenthood seems to be opening mega-abortion mills in urban areas.  Far from an altruistic non-profit, Planned Parenthood is a lucrative abortion business.  Texas women have access to real health care, and they do not need Planned Parenthood.

As Planned Parenthood begins expanding in Texas, committed Pro-Lifers like those in Waco are taking a stand.

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