Register to vote Pro-Life on National Voter Registration Day!

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The pro-abortion Democratic Party has set a goal of registering 2.6 million new Democratic voters in Texas before the 2020 election. Since the 2018 general election, there have already been about a million new voters registered in Texas, far outpacing the rate at which new voters were registered between the 2016 and 2018 elections. Political Scientists and even liberal think tanks have said that the Democrats keep gaining ground in Texas due to young, white liberals moving here from California and New York in search of jobs.

Don’t wait until Election Day to fight back!

It is the duty of all Pro-Life voters to make sure their friends and family are registered to vote in 2020 before the deadline. The Democratic Party has proven itself to be intolerant of any Pro-Life position, and supports abortion up until birth. Now more than ever, preborn babies need you to get off the sidelines and fight for their very right to live. 

First, make sure you are registered to vote at your current address here.

Second, make sure your friends and family are registered by taking them to your county’s Voter Registrar’s office, or helping them fill out the application online. You can find more information here.

Thank you for helping to build a Pro-Life Texas!


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The Honorable Jonathan Stickland serves as the representative for Texas House District 92 and is known for standing for principle – even when he stands alone.  Stickland is the only Pro-Life Hero in the Texas House from the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature.  Texas would have no significant Pro-Life victories in 2019 without Stickland’s bravery to defy House leadership.