MURDER: Hospital starves and dehydrates French man to death

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Disabled French man Vincent Lambert died this morning at Sebastopol Hospital in Reims, France.  Nine days ago, a court allowed Vincent’s wife and doctors to seize his food and water, starving and dehydrating him to death despite his parents’ objections.

Lambert, a former nurse, was in a motorcycle accident in 2008, which injured his brain and prompted doctors to put him in a state of deep sedation and partial consciousness.  Doctors say he could breathe on his own, sleep, wake, and respond to external stimuli.  Some reports even said he could smile and cry.

This tragedy was actually the third attempt on Lambert’s life.  His wife deprived him of food and most of his water in 2013, but he survived for more than 30 days before a court ordered doctors to restore his nutrition.  Again, his wife and doctors then attempted to starve and dehydrate him on May 22, 2019, but he survived three days until a court ordered his food and water to be restored, due to a ruling from the UN Committee for the Rights of Disabled Persons.

Every step of the way, Lambert’s elderly parents defended his life.  Pierre and Viviane Lambert are both devout Catholics who brought their son’s plight to the attention of the church, the entire French nation, and the world.

Pope Francis himself has vocally defended Lambert’s life for years and wrote after the man’s murder “May God the Father welcome Vincent Lambert in His arms.  Let us not build a civilization that discards persons whose lives we no longer consider to be worthy of living: every life is valuable, always.”

Pro-Life people across the world mourn with the Lambert family, and must remember that anti-Life laws like the one that killed Vincent exist in many places outside of France.

Here in Texas, patients and individuals with disabilities are targeted for involuntary euthanasia as well.  The Texas 10-Day Rule allows hospital panels to pull the plug on patients against their will. Until 2015, the 10-Day Rule even facilitated starving and dehydrating patients to death like Vincent Lambert, Terri Schiavo, and countless others.  The Texas Legislature failed to repeal the 10-Day Rule in the Texas Advance Directives Act, leaving patients and disabled persons across Texas vulnerable to euthanasia.  Until our laws reflect a Culture of Life, tragedies like the death of Vincent Lambert will continue.

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