Mom’s photogenic baby brings a smile to countless faces on Facebook

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Meagan Nash is acquainted with the feeling of rejection that many parents of children with special needs experience on a daily basis – a rejection largely influenced by the media’s unrealistic definition of perfection.  This definition excludes many groups of people, often including those with disabilities or special needs.

Meagan felt the visceral pain of this discrimination when she sent photos of her beautiful toddler – a lovely model who is wonderfully photogenic – to a local modeling agency.  In response to Meagan’s submission, the owner of the agency implied that photographs of children with special needs belonged in a separate category, apart from the mainstream, saying that her agency had not requested models with special needs.  Meagan’s son, Asher, has Down syndrome.

Meagan knows that people with disabilities and special needs, like her son, face discrimination every day.  She wanted to do something constructive in response to the modeling agency’s rejection, so Meagan posted beautiful photos of her son on social media and challenged Osh Kosh B’Gosh to respond.  The corporation did respond and set up a meeting with Asher.  CBS News created the following montage about the story:

Learn more about Meagan and Asher Nash on Facebook.


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