Mike Pence brings a much needed Pro-Life voice to Trump’s campaign

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Pro-Lifers have, for good reason, been disappointed that the presidential nominees were reduced to anti-Life Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, whose stance on abortion has at times been unclear.  Without a solidly Pro-Life nominee, some voters have investigated the possibility of a third-party candidate.  But Donald Trump’s strong vice-presidential pick last week rekindled the confidence of some disheartened voters.

Trump announced last week that he would run alongside Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a stalwart Pro-Life leader with a past 100% rating and strong support from National Right to Life, and a 0% rating from the anti-Life lobby group NARAL Pro-Choice America.  National Right to Life President Carol Tobias called Pence an “excellent choice” for Vice President, saying that his actions in Congress and as governor of Indiana prove him, “a strong leader for the right to life.”

In Congress and as governor, Mike Pence has developed an outstanding record of Pro-Life activism.  He favors defunding Planned Parenthood, constitutionally recognizing the preborn as a person, and opposes human cloning, Partial-Birth Abortion, and human embryonic stem cell research.  Pence also supported legislation to protect minors from being transported out-of-state for abortions and legislation aimed at protecting preborn children from abortions based on race and sex.  At the 2011 March for Life in Washington, D.C., Pence told thousands of Pro-Lifers: “A nation that will not stand for life will not stand for long.”

Donald Trump has made a number of uninformed and conflicting statements on abortion during his presidential campaign.  However, choosing Mike Pence for VP suggests that perhaps in spite of Trump’s personal ambivalence toward the issue, he is committed to upholding the strength of the Republican Platform on Life.  Pence’s record of coupling consistent action with his Pro-Life statements is cause for hope this November.

Hillary Clinton, who has not yet announced a running mate, maintains a radical and dangerous stance on the Right to Life.  A vociferous supporter of Planned Parenthood and antagonist of the Pro-Life cause, Hillary’s America would be disastrous to the Pro-Life cause, especially given the likelihood that the next president will appoint at least one Supreme Court Justice to a bench already hostile toward Life.


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