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Elizabeth Graham

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Elizabeth graduated from Rockhurst College. In 1994, Elizabeth moved to Houston, Texas to pursue graduate studies at the University of St. Thomas.
Elizabeth and Jim were married in 1997, and she accepted full-time employment with Texas Right to Life in September of 1998. They and their staff of 25 have grown Texas Right to Life into the largest Pro-Life organization in Texas with a membership of over 250,000 households.
Through Texas Right to Life’s Family Assistance Program, Elizabeth has advocated for and worked with countless families whose ailing loved ones faced difficult medical ethics decisions and the futility process at hospitals across Texas. Texas Right to Life is the only organization to help families navigate the transfer process through the imbalance of power in the hospital system.

John Seago
Legislative Director

John has worked  with Texas Right to Life for ten years, first as a legislative assistant during college and as the Legislative Director since 2011.

He leads the research, writing, and lobbying for state Pro-Life legislation like the Pro-Life Sonogram Bill in 2011 and House Bill 2 that passed in 2013. Texas Right to Life led these historic Pro-Life victories and the efforts to keep taxpayer dollars out of the abortion industry in Texas. John graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Biblical Studies from Southeastern College in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He studied philosophy at University of Dallas for several years and is now earning his Master’s in Bioethics from Trinity International University.

John lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Brandy and two children Nahum (4) and Sophia (2).

Emily Horne
Senior Legislative Associate

Emily Horne graduated from Texas A&M University in 2009 with a degree in Business Marketing. 

Pro-Life by blood, she is the fourth of nine children. Emily has served as a Texas Right to Life lobbyist for three successive legislative sessions, with most of her work centering on researching policy angles and forming relationships with legislative members and staffers alike.

Emily is also Texas Right to Life's Pregnancy Center Liaison, seeking to ensure all aspects of the Pro-Life movement work together. 


Emily Kebodeaux
General Counsel

A newly minted attorney from Baylor Law, Emily is tackling her third session on the Texas Right to Life legislative team. 

During her academic career, Emily served as Vice President of the Baylor Law Federalist Society Chapter, founded the first Pro-Life student organization at Stephen F. Austin State University, and she established a pregnant and parenting scholarship program for women who were juggling both school and parenthood. 

Emily now serves full-time as the Political Director for Texas Right to Life.

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