Life and Love: Madison D’lorio and Luke Ayers (Trinity University)

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Crises of faith in high school led both Luke and Madison to espousing anti-Life beliefs. “At that time, I would have told you abortion was compassionate,” Luke said, “but after converting to Catholicism, I became passionately Pro-Life and later a Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow.”

Luke established Tigers for Life at Trinity University, but when he met Madison in 2017, she had not yet become fully Pro-Life. “I actually passed Luke tabling for the Pro-Life club on campus and swerved so I wouldn’t have to engage in conversation about abortion,” Madison said. Soon after, however, Madison reclaimed her faith and, with that, came Pro-Life conviction. After Madison began attending Tigers for Life meetings, she actually tried setting Luke up with her roommate! During the 40 Days for Life campaign of spring 2018, Madison joined Luke for a weekly 8:00 a.m. prayer shift outside their local Planned Parenthood which, along with attending daily Mass together, led to the pair dating.

Luke and Madison were married in July 2020. “For us, being Pro-Life is a foundational necessity,” Madison said, “more than any political viewpoint.” Luke and Madison look forward to one day teaching their children about the dignity and importance of human Life.

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