Legal Rights of Churches Checklist

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                                                                                                       Church Exempt         Pastor
                                                                                                       Under 501(c) (3)      Exempt  

-Endorsement of Political Candidates                                                   No                     Yes

-Contributions to Political Candidates                                                   No                     Yes

-In-Kind Expenditures For or Against Political Candidates               No                     Yes

-Independent Expenditures For or Against Political Candidates      No                     Yes

-Contributions to Political Action Committee                                       No                     Yes

-Payment of Expenses to Attend State/Nat'l. Convention Caucus   No                     Yes

-Appearance of Political Candidate at Church Meeting or Service    Yes                    N/A


       (a) Candidate Surveys                                                                        Yes                    Yes 

       (b) Voting Records                                                                              Yes                    Yes

       (c) Candidate Political Statement                                                      No                     Yes

-Giving out Candidate's Political Statement in Church Parking Lot   Yes                    N/A

-Rent Church List (at Market Value)                                                      Yes                    N/A

-Non-Partisan Voter Education and Registration                                  Yes                    Yes

-Church Bulletin:    

      (a) Political Ads at Regular Rate                                                        Yes                     N/A

      (b) Political Ads at Less than Regular Rate                                      No                      N/A

      (c) News Stories                                                                                   Yes                     N/A

      (d) Editorials                                                                                          No                      N/A


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