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Kardashians plan to advertise Planned Parenthood abortion business on their reality TV show


Not known for thoughtfully supporting meaningful causes, the Kardashians stayed true to form.  The liberal news site of the Huffington Post reported that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian filmed a visit to a West Hollywood Planned Parenthood.  Thankfully, none of the sisters is seeking to abort the next Kardashian baby.  The purpose of the visit was political.

According to entertainment news, the Kardashians wanted to show support for Big Abortion following the Trump Administration’s efforts to ensure an end to federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  Trump has already ended funding to the abortion business’s international operations.  When Congress voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (crafted under Planned Parenthood’s good friend, former-President Barack Obama), Planned Parenthood immediately started fear-mongering, and the Kardashians signed up to join.  According to reports, “the reality stars met with the organization’s leaders and discussed the health care services offered by the nonprofit and how President Trump’s administration is affecting them.”

We can understand why the abortion giant would be upset at the prospect of losing even part of the steady stream of federal dollars.  Planned Parenthood receives more than half a billion dollars in federal funding.  While the Hyde Amendment ensures that tax dollars cannot be used directly to pay for elective abortions, the trouble is, Planned Parenthood is an abortion business.  Tax dollars are fungible, meaning there is no way to know if your tax dollars being sent to Planned Parenthood are used to pay for STD screenings or abortions.  Once the $550 million arrives at Planned Parenthood, the abortion business could use the money to pay the electric bills, keeping power to the vacuum aspirator used to kill preborn children.  The Kardashians probably avoid this tricky subject.

Something else you won’t hear from the Kardashians is that Planned Parenthood in California is under on-going investigation and facing possible criminal charges for selling the body parts of aborted babies for profit.  Should an organization under criminal investigation with hours of incriminating undercover footage of top executives still receive our tax dollars?  Kardashians are silent on that, too.  After all, they were there to “raise awareness” about health care.

What exactly are the health care services the Kardashians are advertising with their high profile visit to Planned Parenthood?  NewsBusters wryly imagined the awkward exchange between the celebrities and the abortion business:

KK: Can I like get a mammogram here?

PP: No

KK: So awesome!  What about, like prenatal care for like, babies, ya know?

PP: No.

KK: Wow, cool.  Like, what can I get here?

PP: An abortion.  And baby parts.  And we might have a few condoms in the back, but with Republicans cutting our funding, I’m not sure.  How about a refrigerator magnet?

KK: Wow, I really can’t wait to, like, raise awareness about that!

Indeed, recent years have seen a sharp decline in the minimal cancer screenings and prenatal care Planned Parenthood offers.  Meanwhile, the number of abortions—more than 320,000 every year—remained steady.  In all the star-studded commercials for Planned Parenthood lamenting the loss of federal funding, you’ll never hear the truth.  Planned Parenthood executives could choose to stop committing abortions at any time.  They could stop killing the preborn, become a legitimate health care provider, and receive reimbursement through government programs for providing health care to low income women.  Guided by a radical anti-Life agenda, Planned Parenthood has refused.  As the largest abortion business in America and a criminal enterprise caught selling the body parts of aborted babies for profit, Planned Parenthood should not receive one red cent, no matter what the Kardashians have to say on the matter.

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