Joe Biden announces more abortion radicals for the incoming administration

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President-elect Joe Biden has wasted no time in paying tribute to the anti-Life radicals who helped get him into office. In the weeks since the presidential election, Biden has announced several appointments for anti-Life political operatives. His appointments signal the anti-Life extremism that we should expect from the incoming administration and point to the work that Texas must do to defend Life in our state.

Biden’s loyalty to the abortion lobby is consistent with his years of increasing extremism on abortion. For years, Biden proclaimed that he would not support overturning the life-saving Hyde Amendment, which prevents using Medicaid directly to fund the killing of the preborn. However, when Biden’s supposedly moderate position became intolerable to the abortion cartel that hold the purse strings for the Democratic political machine, Biden changed his position. In his most recent bid for the presidency, Biden vowed to overturn the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayer funding of elective abortion.

Of course, Biden has a long history of anti-Life ties having served as vice-president with the most anti-Life president in our nation’s history. Biden signaled a continuation of this anti-Life regime with his selection of Kamala Harris as running mate. While attorney general of California, Harris unjustly singled out Pro-Life journalists and did the bidding of her allies at Planned Parenthood.  

This month, news broke that Biden is appointing Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo as head of the U.S. Department of Commerce. As National Right to Life News reports, Raimondo pushed for the passage of extreme anti-Life legislation in her home state. Like the abortion-without-limits legislation passed first in New York, the measure in Rhode Island effectively entails unrestricted elective abortion at any time in pregnancy. Raimondo lobbied to invent a “right” to kill innocent human Life in the womb.

According to reports, Raimondo was initially considered by the Biden administration to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Biden previously announced that he is appointing another anti-Life political operative from California, Xavier Becerra, the currently California attorney general. Together with Harris, Becerra pursued Pro-Life journalists who exposed crimes of abortion businesses in California. In a travesty of justice, the real criminals, the abortionists caught haggling over the price of baby body parts of children killed in abortion, faced no charges, while the citizen journalists who exposed the crimes were charged.

Becerra also defended California’s bully legislation requiring Pro-Life pregnancy resource centers to advocate for abortion, a law that has since been overturned by the Supreme Court. 

Under the Pro-Life Trump Administration, the Department of Health and Human Services made significant Pro-Life changes that protected taxpayers from funding research carried out on the bodies of aborted babies. Additionally, the Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services prioritized conscience protections for Pro-Life health care workers. Given the extremism of the incoming administration, these important Pro-Life steps will likely be reversed immediately and strongly anti-Life measures implemented.

Other cabinet announcements thus far have also gone to anti-Life politicians. Biden announced in December that Pete Buttigieg will be his appointee for the Secretary of Transportation. Leaving aside the question of the mayor’s competency for such a position, Buttigieg is also a strongly anti-Life politician. Couching his anti-Life position in supposed Christianity, Buttigieg claimed we are “all lifted up” by abortion and told a Pro-Life Democrat that she doesn’t have a place in the party.

The anti-Life lobby is one of the most powerful forces in the Democrat Party, funding candidates and demanding conformity. With the increasingly extreme platform of the Democrat Party, we should not be surprised to see the anti-Life picks for the Biden cabinet announced thus far. For four years, Texas has benefitted from the strong Pro-Life principles in the Trump Administration and the Pro-Life policies implemented by that administration. In the coming months, that progress at the federal level will be erased. Texans must remain focused on the Pro-Life agenda in our state to save lives.



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