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Hollywood couple announces pregnancy with touching Pro-Life message: “How is it possible to love someone so much already?”


Actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed announced last week that they are happily expecting their first child.  Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame and Reed of Twilight were married in April 2015.

In the land of Hollywood, support for Planned Parenthood and all that goes along with Big Abortion seems to come with the territory.  That’s one reason Somerhalder and Reed’s sincere joy in sharing the news of their preborn child is such a welcome sight.  While other celebrities are spouting the same anti-Life lies, this couple celebrates the preciousness of Life.

The pair posted matching photos on Instagram with personal messages.  Reed wrote her post as a letter to their preborn child, saying:

Hi Little One

I know you, but only because I feel you.  How is it possible to love someone so much already? …We’ve been sharing this body for quite some time, and we’ve already experienced so much together.  We can’t wait to meet you…


Your parents

Somerhalder explained to his followers why the couple waited so long to announce the pregnancy.  He wrote on Instagram:

To our friends, family, and rest of the world.  In my 38 years on this earth I’ve never experienced anything more powerful and beautiful than this…This has been the most special time of our lives and we wanted to keep it between the three of us for as long as possible so we could enjoy this time with each other and our little one who is growing so fast…because that’s what they do, they grow so fast.  Thank you for your kind energy.



Somerhalder and Reed are certainly not alone as examples of Pro-Life celebrity voices.  KeKe Wyatt recently shared the powerful story of choosing Life for her first child.  She and husband, Michael Ford, are now expecting their ninth child.  Kelsey Grammer and Nicole Scherzinger have been outspoken about their Pro-Life views.  Although Somerhalder and Reed do not claim to be Pro-Life, their heartfelt messages introducing their preborn child to the world stand as a powerful Pro-Life witness.  When people see celebrities they admire acknowledging the personhood of their preborn child, the results can be profound.  How much less likely are they to believe the abortion industry that says a preborn child is merely “the products of conception,” “a clump of cells,” and “a human parasite”?

We congratulate Somerhalder and Reed on the news and wish them the best in welcoming their beloved child to the world in the coming months.

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