High School Pro-Life Fellowship

Earn $700 each year in scholarships! 
(Students will earn $350 per semester upon completion of requirements.)

To be considered for August 2020, apply by March 1, 2020.
(Application coming soon.)

Program Requirements:

  • Students must attend a public or private high school
  • Students must hold an officer position of their high school Pro-Life club
  • Students must attend Team LIFE Camp for educational training
  • Each semester, students will conduct at least three officer planning meetings
  • Each semester, students will conduct at least three events
    • One on-campus educational event
      • Example: Host a Pro-Life speaker
    • One on-campus activism event
      • Examples: Tabling, conducting surveys and dialoguing with campus peers, or participating in Pro-Life Picture Day
    • One off-campus event
      • Examples: Volunteering with local pregnancy resource centers, attending Boots on the Ground Pro-Life Conference, or attending Pro-Life events

What Texas Right to Life offers:

  • Access to free Pro-Life speakers
  • Free Pro-Life materials and tabling handouts
  • Mentorship and event planning assistance
  • Networking with local Pro-Life activists

To learn more about the program,
please contact Sandra Hollier at SHollier@TexasRightToLife.com