Help keep abortion advocates out of Texas

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Annie’s List is a pro-abortion PAC that recruits, endorses and helps elect women to public office in Texas who believe in abortion-on-demand.  Since January, Annie’s List has raised a staggering $1,456,918.00 to influence Texas elections.   The Left, including pro-abortion organizations such as Annie’s List and Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, have made a concerted effort in turning Texas blue.

Pro-Life Texans are outraged at the amount of funds the pro-abortion lobby is raising from wealthy donors!

The Texas Right to Life PAC keeps a close watch on the movement of organizations such as Annie’s List, and jumps into the political waters whenever possible, educating voters and ensuring these candidates are defeated.

With your generous financial gift today, we will continue to work diligently to keep the abortion advocates away in the Lone Star state!

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