He only killed the boys

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Just days ago, Christians worldwide celebrated the birth of our Savior.

Since the fifth century, churches across the globe remember December 28 as the day when innocent little boys were killed by pure evil, slaughtered on the order of King Herod.

When Herod realized he did not know the exact location of the infant king prophesied to rule the world, Herod killed every male under the age of two in Bethlehem and surrounding areas.

Sadly, killing innocent babies is not a modern day invention.

But ending the massacre of innocent children will be a modern day monumental victory that we could achieve.

Despite our life-saving accomplishments of 2017, our work is not yet over.  While innocent babies and vulnerable patients are still being killed, Texas Right to Life will not stop fighting.

Will you give an end-of-the-year gift of $35, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or more today?

We must raise $35,000 in the next THREE days to finish 2017 strong and ready to wage war with the evil that will greet us in 2018.

We need YOU now in these last days of 2017.

Please give an end-of-the-year gift right now.



  1. Chuck & Linda Henne on

    There are not words to express our appreciation for your tireless efforts on the behalf of our most innocent members of society. We depend on you daily to take up the slack for our own busy lives, and wait too long to show our gratitude.

    God continue to bless all you do, and strengthen and encourage you. We appreciate you.

    We will send some money. God bless you in 2018.

  2. Chris Griffin on

    The mass slaughter of prenatal children is the most horrific and vile perversion ever conjured into existence by our species. The number of lives killed by abortion has eclipsed every other unnatural cause of death in recorded history combined.
    All five million unborn babies alive in America today can be killed tomorrow, legally and unstoppably, on the whim of their mothers.