Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Grassroots groups launch fight club to defend conservative values


On Friday at noon, representatives of notable statewide conservative organizations took to Facebook Live to expose behind-the-scenes political brawls in the Texas Legislature.  The “Friday Fight Club,” comprised of leaders of the Texas Home School Coalition, the Mom Caucus, Empower Texans, and Texas Right to Life, revealed the uprising against the Republican-In-Name-Only establishment and called on the Texas House of Representatives to pass important reforms on Governor Abbott’s special session call.  The special broadcast on Facebook came as the final days of the special session approach.

Earlier this week, the Jim and Michael Show, a collaborative media effort between Texas Right to Life and Empower Texans, featured a conversation with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, in which he described Speaker Joe Straus’s (R-San Antonio) refusal to meet with him about advancing the governor’s policies.  Under Patrick’s leadership, the Texas Senate demonstrated unprecedented efficiency in considering and passing almost all 20 items listed on Governor Abbott’s special session call.  This includes five Pro-Life reforms, which Pro-Life advocates worked tirelessly to pass during the regular session.

Unfortunately, the Texas House continues to play games and thwart the will of Texans.  Elected as representatives of the people, Straus and his cronies, such as Byron Cook (R-Corsicana), have continued to hold conservative reforms in a stranglehold.  Despite overwhelming support in the House, many Pro-Life and conservative measures may not come to the floor for a vote due to House leadership’s political games.

Lt. Gov. Patrick, Texas Right to Life, and now many other conservative organizations are calling on all Texans to contact their state representatives to demand action.

If you missed the live airing on Facebook, watch the video online for a comprehensive update on the special session.  Conservative Texans have spent too many sessions watching their top priorities languish in politically motivated committees and die in backroom deals.  Texans are demanding that their elected officials #PassThemAll.  They must choose between the obstructionist policies of House leadership and the will of the people.

Friday Fight Club

With only two weeks remaining of the special session, conservative grassroots leaders outline the work the Texas House of Representatives has yet to accomplish.

Posted by Texas Right to Life on Friday, August 4, 2017

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