Graduate Scholarship Program


Earn $1000 Each Semester

Dr. Joseph Witherspoon Pro-Life Law Student Scholarship
Dr. Edward Hannigan Pro-Life Medical Student Scholarship
BRAND NEW! Physician Assistant Pro-Life Student Scholarship
Only at the University of North Texas

Pro-Life values are often decried and challenged in the medical and law fields.  A support network fosters the maintenance of these strong convictions among graduate students.  A limited number of scholarships are reserved for medical and law students who are willing to establish a Pro-Life organization and host speakers and seminars at their Texas graduate school.  Texas Right to Life assists and mentors students who receive the scholarship.  Application deadline: May 31, 2017.  Please read all below requirements prior to applying.

1) Be enrolled in a Texas medical or law school, or as a PA student at UNT.
2) Serve as a leader in a Pro-Life group established at the school (if there is not a group, form one).
3) Organize 3 meetings each semester with guest speakers. We will pay up to $5 per person for catering, for 3 separate lunch lectures, if you send us receipts.
4) Host one social event each semester to recruit and maintain membership.
5) Volunteer two times each semester with a Pro-Life organization in the community.
6) Write one article, to be published by Texas Right to Life, summarizing your efforts at the end of the academic year.
7) Identify a new leader of the group before the end of your term.
8) Commit for a minimum of one school year; commit ideally for two years.


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