Law School & Health Science School Scholarship Program

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Earn $1,000 Each Semester

Dr. Joseph Witherspoon Pro-Life Law Student Scholarship
Dr. Edward Hannigan Pro-Life Health Professional Student Scholarship


Pro-Life values are often decried and challenged in the medical and law fields.  A support network fosters the maintenance of these strong convictions among graduate students.  Scholarships are available for law students, and professional health science students (such as medical, nursing, occupational, dental, and more) who are willing to establish a Pro-Life organization and host speakers and seminars at their Texas graduate school.  Texas Right to Life assists and mentors students who receive the scholarship.  

Application is open year-round.
To be considered to receive the scholarship in August 2019, apply by July 1, 2019.
To be considered to receive the scholarship in January 2020, apply by December 1, 2019.

1) Be enrolled in a Texas law or professional health science school.
2) Serve as a leader in a Pro-Life group established at the school (if there is not a group, form one).
3) Organize 3 meetings each semester with guest speakers. We will pay up to $8 per person for catering, for 3 separate lunch lectures, if you send us receipts.
4) Host one social event each semester to recruit and maintain membership.
5) Organize a volunteer opportunity for the group two times each semester with a Pro-Life organization in the community.
6) Write one article, at any point during the academic year, to be published by Texas Right to Life.
7) Identify a new leader of the group before the end of your term.
8) Commit for a minimum of one school year; commit ideally for two years.


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