Governor Greg Abbott declares January 22, 2018, to be Sanctity of Human Life Day in Texas

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Governor Abbott has proclaimed January 22, 2018, to be Sanctity of Human Life Day in Texas. Though the enemy is celebrating the 60 million lives taken as a result of Roe v. Wade, Texans celebrates Life as we continue to expand our life-saving work. Pro-Life Texans have spread the message and work of the Culture of Life to every corner of the state and have achieved great success in saving innocent human lives at every stage of life. One such success is that the abortion rate in Texas has dropped from 22% in 1990 to 11.6% in 2015, resulting in 490,000 lives saved.

Thank you, Governor Abbott, for recognizing the need for observing the Sanctity of Human Life as a state.

“As we continue in life-saving efforts, let us seek to change minds and persist in advancing loving alternatives to abortion such as adoption. Together, and by God’s grace, we can give every child a chance at life.”

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