Gosnell’s infamous abortion mill up for auction; Pro-Lifers to bid for property

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Following the horrific and extreme abortion legislation in New York earlier this year, Pro-Lifers across the country are on alert.  The New York law outraged the American public with their audacity and utter disregard for human Life.

The fact is, where there is abortion, there is the destruction of innocent human Life, and gradually protecting more of those vulnerable lives is extremely difficult.  The violent and deliberate death of a preborn baby at any stage is a tragedy, but even many anti-Life voters recognize that aborting a viable baby close to birth is barbaric and inhumane.  And yet, where there is abortion, there is, with increasing severity, late-term abortion, even in our own state. This is not a coincidence.

An illustrative example of the anti-Life politics of late-term abortion can be seen in the case of convicted criminal and abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  Gosnell is the notorious Pennsylvania abortionist sentenced to three life terms for murdering babies born alive and committing abortions past the legal limit, which in Pennsylvania is 24 weeks.  

The ceaseless work of a few investigative journalists brought Gosnell’s crimes to the attention of the public, despite the mainstream media’s near complete silence on the horrors.  Gradually, the full scale of Gosnell’s atrocities unfolded: the freezers and jars stuffed with the bodies of aborted babies, the filth and squalor of his infamous abortion mill, and the countless babies born alive whom Gosnell killed by cutting their spinal cords with a pair of scissors, a process he called “snipping.”

As one Pro-Life writer aptly notes, the abortion mob was quick to denounce Gosnell as a monster.  Time and again, anti-Life pundits have dismissed the horrific crimes of Gosnell as entirely unrelated to the violence of abortion.  The American public is led to believe that killing a defenseless newborn is nothing like the violent destruction of a baby still in the womb.  Yet, as actor Dean Cain pointed out, the recent extreme New York abortion law “would make the crimes of Kermit Gosnell legal.”  

What is the truth?  Is Gosnell a violent criminal being justly punished or is he instead an example of the logical extension of the anti-Life position?  Once some human lives can be violently ended, all lives are at risk.

A group of Pro-Lifers in Pennsylvania recognizes how important the memory of Gosnell and his crimes is to the abortion debate in our country.  John and Loida McKeever are working with a local pregnancy resource center to ensure that Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” abortion mill remains standing.  The property, located at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia is going up for auction on April 17, 2019.

In a petition, the McKeevers note that if a developer successfully buys the property, the building could be torn down and “seemingly erase the history that occurred there and the lessons that need to be remembered.”  Even worse, another abortionist could buy the property and continue ending the lives of innocent babies. What Pro-Lifers hope is that the pregnancy resource center secures the property in order to preserve the history of what occurred there and, more importantly, bring support and compassion to pregnant mothers in a community that was so violated and traumatized by late-term abortion.

Gosnell is not an outlier.  He is an extreme and criminal example of what happens when our society allows the killing of innocent human beings.  His crimes are a reminder of just how important our Pro-Life efforts are as we gradually increase protections for our tiniest Texans.  

As Pro-Life Texans work to end late-term abortions in our state, there is much we can learn from other states, especially from Pennsylvania’s Gosnell.  

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