Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas

Freedom Caucus member joins Y’ALL for the #LifeFirst Freedom Fest


Young professionals are unabashedly Pro-Life.  As the Young Adult Life Link (Y’ALL) continues to attract more young adults in their 20s and 30s across Texas, Y’ALL’s enthusiasm for ending abortion and euthanasia continues to increase.

While stereotypes paint millennials as lazy and unmotivated, the continued presence of young adults at Y’ALL socials, service events, and activism days, proves the opposite.  On July 8, young adults from across the greater Houston area will gather for the second annual #LifeFirst Freedom Fest.

The best part?

Not only will young adults celebrate the Right to Life of every human being in our country, but they will also be joined by one of the most Pro-Life members of the Texas House of Representatives who helped pass life-saving legislation during the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature.

Representative Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) will share inside stories at the #LifeFirst Freedom Fest.

Representative Cain courageously fought against the political schemes of the liberal House leadership and stood his ground amid personal attacks because of his Pro-Life values.  You do not want to miss his firsthand account of how he and 11 other elected officials derailed the entire anti-Life agenda of the House leadership.

We would love to have you join Y’ALL for the second annual #LifeFirst Freedom Fest.  Meet the impressive young men and women who are spreading the Pro-Life message to their co-workers.  Gain a unique look at the legislative process by listening to Representative Cain.  Eat free pizza (thanks to our generous sponsors) and enjoy festive activities in honor of our freedoms.  RSVP while there’s still space!


  1. What is the reason for pointing out that “The Freedom Caucus Members” are joining “Y’ALL for the #LifeFirst Freedom Fest”? I would have thought & HOPED that you would have already Joined us in our Plight to Stand for Innocent Human Lives against Abortion & Planned Parenthood! What am I missing? I keep hearing how the Freedom Caucus is continually standing in the way of so many things that the President is trying to do, blocking his efforts and standing in his way. I know that the Health Care Bill we were/are Trying Desperately to Pass, deals a very “Hard Blow” in Blocking Planned Parenthood & Abortion. I’ve heard that One of “OUR” Senators is opposing “OUR” Health Care, with one of the Primary Reasons being that “She Wants to Protect PLANNED PARENTHOOD”! Is she one of the Secret Nameless Members on the Freedom Caucus Board? Please forgive me if I sound Harsh or Angry. I have spent so many years of my life on the sides of Roadways, Peacefully Holding Banners & Signs, Praying that I am making a difference. Hearing someone “Tout” that “Freedom Caucus is Now Joining with us, while also hearing that Freedom Caucus is Obstructing so many of the ways we have of “Saving the Lives of the Unborn and so many other things that God has placed President Trump in Office to Bring About, is Heartbreaking to me. PLEASE TELL ME “FREEDOM CAUCUS IS PLANNING TO GET ON BOARD NOW”, and plans to “PICK A SIDE AND STAY ON IT”. I do Thank you for any and everything you “Are doing and I Pray that you will continue to do for this Very Vital Cause of Life for the Unborn. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • Thank you for your comment, Terry. The Freedom Caucus member who is joining us on July 8 at the Y’ALL event is a member of the Texas Freedom Caucus, not the one in Washington. The Texas Freedom Caucus is comprised of staunch, unapologetically Pro-Life men and women in the Texas House of Representatives. These state representatives worked with us to protect the unborn before they even ran for office. Similarly, they are responsible for most of the Pro-Life victories in Austin this year, including defunding Planned Parenthood, securing resources in the state budget for the Alternatives to Abortion fund, protecting pharmacists’ right to refuse to provide abortion-inducing drugs, and more. ( Indeed, the Texas Freedom Caucus members already joined us in the fight for Life. They work tirelessly alongside us even as they undergo personal attacks for doing so and sacrifice political gain in the Texas House of Representatives. Representative Briscoe Cain often attends our events, but his presence at the #LifeFirst Freedom Fest is special because the young adults who attend this event may not have attended others and therefore would not have met him yet. Y’ALL members hence have a unique opportunity to speak with and learn from one of the greatest Pro-Life warriors of the Texas Legislature in a casual setting.